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Navy Submarine, Missing for 75 Years, Is Found Off Okinawa


A private ocean explorer team found USS Grayback, which was missing more than 75 years ago. The submarine carried 80 United States sailors when it started its journey from Pearl Harbor. The submarine made its reputation through multiple successful operations during World War 2.

Image Credit: The Indian Express

USS Grayback is found around 1,400 feet below the water surface on the coast of Japan. The found submarine ends the mystery around the sunken ship and the victim’s family members. Gloria Hurney and Kathy Taylor were the first to discover the drowned bombers. Kathy Taylor lost her uncle and grandfather, and Gloria Hurney lost her uncle in the crash. 

Explorers Remark

In a television interview, Kathy Taylor said that she was committed to finding her grandfather or his last memory from her childhood. She thought the submarine would blast into pieces, but the recent discovery proved her wrong. 

USS Grayback was extremely famous during World War 2. It eliminated 14 enemy ships during the war and went missing near the coast of Japan. Though the body of the submarine was intact, evidence suggests that the sub is most likely was bombed, which results in the crash. 

Renowned underwater explorer Tim Taylor and his lady Christine Dennison found the submarine way back in June. They are working to find every lost submarine in the American history of war. Out of the lost 52 submarines, they found five. While revealing the cause of such silence, Tim said that they don’t want to disappoint the people. Until the Navy conformed the sub, they did not want to reveal it in public platforms. They also claimed that they could find several other missing submarines, owing to the usage of modern technology. 

The Japanese war record misreported the drowning spot; as a result, the explorers found themselves difficult to point the sub. According to Japanese history, the sub was crashed around 100 miles away from the original location.