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Migrants Shouted ‘No Shower, No Shower!” During The Vice President Visit At Texas Detention Centers


Things turned into chaos when Vice President Mike Pence paid two Friday visits at the detention centre in Texas. The detainees were all bowled up and were full of anger as they continuously protested behind the fences.

Image Credit: Getty Images

When Pence visited the detaining centre, the agents there were wearing masks and the detainees were gathered inside their holding areas which were covered with the chain-link fence. They were sitting on the concrete floor and there some thermal blankets of silver colour. Pence also said that the place was smelling “horrendous.”

Men who were there behind the fence were continuously shouting to the news cameras, “no shower, no shower!” Pence addressed the situation as the evidence of a “system that was overwhelmed.” Pence was joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham. R-S.C., and officials from the Department of Homeland Security and they continuously said that the crisis is actually because of the illegal border crossings and other suspicious activities across the border.

Pence conveyed, “But what’s not real is the slanderous allegations of heartless mistreatment by Customs and Border Protection. I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice, about the care and concern.”

The comments were shared after the visit of the Vice President at the temporary holding facility near Donna-Rio Bravo International Bridge in Texas. He made many statements during the discussions at the roundtable. He said, “I couldn’t be more impressed with the compassionate work that our Customs and Border Protection are doing here at this border facility.”

When he visited the facility, he saw the detainees were lying on the mats on the floor and the facility had around 800 migrants out of 1,000. He was sent by Mr President so that “the American people could see what’s happening here.” Pence also said at the roundtable, “It’s time we moved past the harsh rhetoric of the American left.”