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Microsoft Xbox One Home Button Get Changed For All New Gaming Experience


As confirmed by Microsoft, the Xbox one controller is about to get an update. More precisely, the company will be going to introduce some new features for the guide or home button as well as enhancements to the current features. Theoretically, the change will allow access to several other features which will change the gaming experience altogether by providing an ease of access to players.

Microsoft Xbox One New Home Button

The update will make it easy for players to perform the common tasks as stated by the Game spot. By pressing the home button players will now be provided with guide features which will go to appear on the left-hand side of the screen.


As the guide feature going to appear as a sidebar, it will accessible throughout Xbox one use. It means that players can jump on to it even when they are recording footage, browsing the x box store, voice chatting or even during the gameplay.  As cinema blend adds, it gives an access to modify the Game DVR settings which can now be recorded easily. In addition to it, it provides users to adjust the recording time.

It has been confirmed by windows that it will be adding a new achievement tracking overlay, leader board, a new Cortana design and a game score. There is an another addition to controlling the background music. However, Microsoft is revamping some of the Xbox’s most popular multitasking features which again theoretically will enhance the overall gaming experience.

The whole concept gets into practiced to make it easier to use the Xbox one as well as to give the more usage of the home button. And as the publication notes, it nods well with the quality of life feature for gamers who currently play on windows 10 gaming mode. This concept was planned a while back and it was claimed that the release would allow for better performance of games, as well it will make it easier for users to get the visual quality.