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Jupiter Bombarded By Meteor Attack From Deep Space


Astronomers keep on looking for mysterious things in the deep space, and recently, an astronomer from Texas found something different in the atmosphere of the planet Jupiter. A meteor struck Jupiter’s upper layer of the atmosphere. When Ethan Chappel was looking for Perseid meteors, his telescope was pointing towards the planet Jupiter, the data fed into his system which scans for impact evidence. Chappel got a surprise when the data came in.


He saw a small dot on the planet which he thinks is an evidence of the collision of a meteor on the Jupiter’s Southern Equatorial Belt. Chappel took over Twitter and shared his finding, “Two views of Jupiter early on August 7, 2019, along with the flash I recorded. Left shows the time of impact at 4:07 UTC. Right is an RGB image.” He briefs his finding, saying that he discovered the small dot at 4:07 a.m. and it stayed for just a second. No other astronomer has made it clear, whether the news is accurate or not, but it seems like a mark of a meteor collision.

Some astronomers may think that it caused because of the lightning on the planet, but it cannot be true because no light flashes can create such a mark. The collision does not seem so big compared to the size of Jupiter, but if we assume the crash on the Earth, it might seem more prominent than we think. Dr. Heidi B. Hammel replied to Chappel’s tweet; she said, “Another impact on Jupiter today (2019-08-07 at 04:07 UTC)! A bolide and not likely to leave dark debris as SL9 did 25 years ago. Congrats to Ethan Chappel on this discovery and H/T to Damian Peach for the report.” Hammel was a part of the Hubble Telescope team back in 1994, and she shared about the time they discovered the Shoemaker-Levy 9 crash on Jupiter.