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Mazda CX-9 Review – The Best Mid-Size SUV

Mazda CX-9 Review - The Best Mid-Size SUV
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Mazda is a well-known multinational car manufacturing company mainly based in Japan. Mazda produces so many different types of transport vehicles. The vehicles range from cars, trucks, and SUVs. Mazda has recently launched Mazda CX-9 which is a Mid-Size crossover SUV. This type of SUV is also called crossover or CUV.

This type of sports utility vehicle (SUV) is mainly produced and designed with unibody construction. The crossovers are based on the manufacturing fundamentals of a passenger car. The outcome of these types of vehicles results in better interior comfort, the fantastic ride experience, and superb fuel economy. The only flaw is that these give the less off-road capability in the handling of the vehicle than truck-based SUVs.

Brief History of the First Generation

Mazda CX-9 was, first of all, introduced the motor lovers in 2006. It was a joint venture between Mazda and ford motor company. The first generation was a huge success and earned a good name for the manufacturers. There were some big changes in the shape and facelift of the vehicle in the following years. The new designs were setting the new benchmark in the market of mid-size SUV.

Some of the unique features were introduced for the first time in the automobile industry, which later on turned out to be the industrial standard. These extra features included safety types of equipment. The blind-spot monitoring was one of the greatest improvement or safe driving. The rear-view and a mirror mounted backup camera were introduced for the first time, which helped a lot in the monitoring of the vehicles coming from behind. The anti-collision controls were introduced to avoid a collision from the front incoming traffic. Some other features like electronic stability control, traction control, roll stability control, front side impacts avoiding airbags, and three-row side curtain airbags were some of the unique added joyful things ever introduced in a single car.

The Second Generation and the Present Model

The second generation was introduced after a long nine years. There were some more changes in the overall interior and exterior of the Mazda CX-9. Uses a The turbocharged version of the 2.5 liters four-cylinder SkyActivG petrol engine was introduces for the first time in the second generation of Mazda CX-9.

This new, improved engine can produce a staggering 227 hp (169 kW) when tested on 87 AKI octane fuel and 250 hp (186 kW) on premium fuel and 420 N⋅m (310 lb-ft) of torque. The transmission has both options of an automatic and manual controlled transmission which gives more choice and freedom to drive in different conditions.

The Interior

The interior of the CX-9 has gone through a lot of distinctive changes over the years. It can accommodate a total of seven passengers which is ideal for family usage. The interior is very comfortable with leather finish seats. The seats are based on hydraulic system controls and offer 3-way comfort levels. Seats can be adjusted up-down and backside relax postures according to the need. This makes it an ideal vehicle for longer trips. The relatively compact and small size is also ideal to use the CX-9 in everyday use as well.

All the main controls are curled together in the hud and drive wheel, which is easily accessible. The driver can control the vehicle with the touch of the buttons placed well within the operational radius.

Travelling Fiesta 

The inner atmosphere of the vehicle is also soundproof and the noise seldom hit inside of the car. It also comes with a fully loaded sound system with the four speakers presented in the four doors. The travelers can enjoy the good surround sound of the music while traveling the long trips. The boot of the CX-9 offers a lot of space behind the seats. The last seats can be folded to carry more luggage whenever required.

The Exterior 

Mazda’s Kodo design philosophy is one of the key changes in the all-new exterior design of CX-9. There are some fundamental changes in the design of papers and in practice. The size of the vehicle looks shorted than before, but the ride quality has improved with a longer wheelbase. This design gives the stunning joy of driving as the driver can have a better view of the road because of the shorter front. The weight of the vehicle is also lighter than before, which helps to stabilize in sharp turns as the mass of the body doesn’t compel it to rollover.

Safety Features 

Almost all the countries of the world are now emphasizing the standard safety features for all kinds of vehicles. The same is the case with MazdaCX-9 as it delivers more safety features than other models of the same genre around. There are several newly developed and added active safety systems on the new CX-9. The Blind Spot Monitoring system is a trademark feature of all the Mazda vehicles of this class. This gives the driving person more comfort to spot the danger lying around while driving on the busy roads.

The Radar Cruise Control with a Stop/Start function is unique in a way that the vehicle after spotting the danger stops this function and does not respond until unless the danger is averted. Changing the lane safely is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. Thanks to the newly developed feature of Lane Departure Warning. The High Beam Control and Autonomous Emergency Braking at low & high speed are also turning into a safety standard coined by Mazda.

Overall Mazda CX-9 is one of the Best Mid-Size SUV available. It is not only well known for the safety standards but also is a fun to drive family vehicle.

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