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Man Stabbed four out of anger


The rage is getting intense as a guy stabbed four people to death on Wednesday. Along with four people, two others got severe injuries. The madness continued for two hours in Southern California robbing and killing people around. The guy who went rogue was from Garden Grove, he is 33-years-old and surrendered to the police along with a knife and a gun. The aim was to rob and spread fear among people in which he failed brutally.


The victims and suspect himself were Hispano. The guy was angry and frustrated from his life; his life was miserable and had no hopes left. To spread fear among people, he went to different places with the knife, and this chaos went for two hours in Santa Ana and Garden Grove. The two people he wounded are in stable condition, and they will survive.

The officials have evidence and are investigating the man in search of any other crimes that he may have done. The man is a Garden Grove resident, and he stabbed two people out of anger outside his apartment. They argued and out of rage, the man killed both of them, one of them died, and officials carried another man to the hospital in serious condition where he received his last breath. He robbed a bakery where he aimed at the owner while she was busy charging her phone. The owner of the bakery survived his chaos as according to the owner; he thought that she was a customer.

After the bakery, the man robbed an insurance office where he stabbed a 54-year-old woman, but she may survive as per the officials. The officials said that she was brave enough to fight the suspect but was unfortunate to dodge the knife. The incident was seen by an alarm company after which they called the police.