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Louisiana-Lafayette Football Coach Needs Lesson About ‘Donation’


Louisiana-Lafayette Football Coach: Right before the college football season starts there is a poll conducted about the best coaches it is known as Amway Coaches Poll. Paul Myerberg of USA Today brings out the most important college football news of USA Today.

Louisiana-Lafayette football coach: Image Source

The reporter starts with the football coach of University of Louisiana-Lafayette Billy Napier and says that his intentions might be very good but hos idea was not welcomed at all and considered to be one of the most ridiculous ideas ever shared.

Napier, talking to the reporters in a news conference said that the scholarship players he will be coaching need to donate 50$ a year for fundraising for the athletic department off the university. He said that this donation will be a symbol of the player’s relationship with the game far beyond the years of their playing.

The coach told the media that the idea he was trying to float was all about gratitude. But every sane person knows that it is all about the arrogance and stupidity of college athletics that does not want to improve itself and always want to stay in news even in embarrassing ways.

The press conference of Napier

A spokesperson from the Athletic department of the university told USA TODAY sports soon after the press conference of Napier that his suggestion was just to encourage the students for donations it was nothing mandatory about the donations. The school said that though it was only a suggestion from the coach asking for donations from students is totally an absurd idea.

On Friday the football coach reappeared in front of the media and said that it was his mistake to say that the donation was’ required’ in fact the donation was asked for on the voluntary basis. The coach further added that only the word required was wrong but the actual idea of collecting donation was right. He said that it was only a positive gesture from a coach and it was not a bad idea as being criticized by most of the people.

Mr. Napier said that if the people who were asked for donation feel that they are overburdened they can directly come to him and he will pay 50$ on their behalf. He said that fundraising is a thing that they truly need he said that as a coach it is his duty to teach good values too, so giving donations for a good cause is a noble deed and he does not regret his idea of donations.

The coach elaborated his idea and told the media that he was just asking 50 dollars a year and in the time span of 4 years the students were requested to donate only $200, and it is $4 and a quarter per month, and only 17 cents each day. It was just a token of thanks for the former people who actively participated for the good of football.

Administration at Louisiana–Lafayette

It is unbelievable for most of the people the way the administration at Louisiana–Lafayette can turn a deaf air to the reaction of students and the outer world to the absurd idea put forward by the coach. The people are not ready to believe that such an idea could even be heard in the board meeting. Even the media has been dumbfounded by the very idea of the coach and no one is ready to entertain the idea at the time when state and federal legislation is moving towards the idea of making laws that help the college athletes get more opportunities of earning money than they have now. One thing about it that shocked the people, even more, is the boasting that the college coach Napier did about his idea.

Boasting unstoppably about his foolish idea the university coach said that it was his effort to promote a new type of culture in the university premises to tell the scholarship students about the sources from where their dues are being paid. The coach said that his noble intention was to let the students know about the importance of all the money that they get in the form of their educational expenses. He said that he wanted to tell the students the complete process through which they get their scholarships paid.

The statement of the football coach Napier became a national topic of discussion. The people from all walks of life think that it is the most foolish thing one can ever expect from a football coach of the scholarship students. They say the students who are already studying on scholarship are not there to pay for anything no matter what the amount is. The people think that donating money for a good cause is no only about one’s desire it is also about the ability of the person who is asked for the donation.

As long as the scholarship students of the university are concerned there are such students who might not be comfortable deducting $ 50 from the money they have. In the case of Napier’s appeal for donations, it has nothing to do with the students will to give it is all about the unjust appeal from their coach.

The football season will be starting for the scholarship players on 31st August with their first match against Mississippi and the Athletics department will enjoy the cash. The people outside the universities and the families of the university students rejected Napier’s idea of collecting donations from students. Most of the people say that the people working in the athletics department of the universities can never change no matter how hard we try. The people say that if the good ideas of such people are the ones like that of Coach Napier one can imagine what their bad ideas will be.

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