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KFC To Go Meatless


As we all know, KFC is known for its meat and chicken, and everyone loves the recipe of KFC.

But KFC is going meatless soon! Yes KFC will provide server meatless KFC wings & nuggets at Atlanta which means they are not harming any chicken during the making period of these two things.

Image Credit: Vox

A KFC branch that is near the SunTrust Park baseball stadium of Atlanta is ready to serve meatless items. They prepared with the recipe and dish, and also they have updated it in their Menu, and they will start serving at that branch on Tuesday.

This meatless chicken will be made from the plant. Ingredients will provide by Beyond Meat, which is the plant-based food factory.

It’s a massive step of success and will ensure better growth because this is unique and it doesn’t harm any chicken or animal and by this 50 billion of food will be raised annually in the factory of the US.

KFC is one of those brands which everyone like, and consumers grow up with this, and it is also the most iconic brand of the US nation.

In the press conference with media CEO and founder of Beyond, Meat Ethan said that it’s the moment to remember and he wishes that Colonel himself was there to witness all this as KFC provides the most delicious food to its consumers.

The products of this Company have similar taste, nutrient, and texture that the consumers want, and this Company founded back in the year 2009.
The Company also serves its product to Carl’s Jr., Del Taco and subway, and all the brands are very happy to help each other.

Beyond everything, this meatless wings and nuggets are also available with the various dip sauces.