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Jim Mattis Is Sending America a Veiled Message About Trump

Jim Mattis Is Sending America a Veiled Message About Trump
Jim Mattis Is Sending America a Veiled Message About Trump: Image Source

The Washington Associated Press contributor sharing one of the latest news with the people said that Jim Mattis who has served as a Marine General and resigned from the position of Defense Secretary of America in December is giving an indirect message to the people of America.

According to the news reporter no matter how hard he tries Jim Mattis can’t hide his feelings and point of view about the US President Donald Trump. According to the retired General, the US president is leading the superpower called America down a wrong path, which is too dangerous for the peace and prosperity of the country. Our readers should keep in mind that Mattis resigned from the position of Defense Secretary due to his difference of opinion with the president regarding military policies. Jim Mattis said that he owes the people of America his regret and owes them public silence while the elected president keeps enjoying his office.

Nowadays, Jim Mattis has started the promotional campaign of his book during which he said that under the leadership of Trump America is weakening with each passing day.

Right from the day Mattis accepted the offer of president to join him as Secretary of Defense and lead Pentagon he knew that his views about most of the policies of defense did not match those of the president-elect. For Mattis, the power that the USA enjoys relies upon the respect of its allies. But every now and then the elected President of America shows disrespect for his allies by calling them, freeloaders and ingrates.

Former NATO Commander

Jim Mattis who gave more than forty years of his life to Marines also served as the top allied commander of NATO. When Jim Mattis was serving as the Defense Secretory of America the second strategic priority that he had was the strengthening of US allies and it was only his effort to restore the tearing military edge of his beloved country. According to what Jim Mattis thinks the nations who have loyal allies always prosper and those who don’t have allies have a downfall. He said that the President most of the times wants to America first and ignores all his allies. He likes to do everything alone, he likes the feeling of supremacy.

The two years that Jim spent as Defense Secretary at Pentagon were the most cautious years of his professional life.  During those two years, he tried to avoid the media as much as he could so that his differences with the president don’t come to limelight. He made utmost effort to save his influence so he tried to stay quiet about a number of issues on which he did not agree to the point of view of the President.

Even during the promotional campaign of his book called “Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead” that is to be released on Tuesday.  Jim Mattis tried not to share his point of view about the president and his negative policies, with whom he did not agree.

He knows that every American has a question in his mind about the president being fit to lead the country for another four years. The wise man does not want to answer this question and leaves it up to the readers of his book to answer his dancing around this important question.

Jeffery Goldberg

While talking to Jeffery Goldberg for The Atlantic he said that one never endangers one’s country by attacking its commander in chief who is elected. The media interpreted his comment in its own way and said that this comment of Jim says about him that he just “couldn’t take it anymore”.

The public knows Jim Mattis as a man who has no value if he was not good at calculating, was very close to vent out his feelings about the president.

He said that it was nothing about liking a commander in chief; it does not matter whether you like him or not it is the system of your country that puts him on that position.

According to the concerns that Mattis has expressed as a companion from time to time in a somewhat indirect manner, he said that the political environment during which Trump fought the election in 2016 has become even more contentious to the verge of putting in danger what Mattis calls “America’s experiment in democracy”.

Recently he stated in an essay that he wrote for The Wall Street Journal that the nation of America knows it well that we are better than we are now as far as politics is concerned. He said that they should not let the tribalism put an end to the experiment of democracy.

The former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis still wants to stay with the unpretentious description of a president according to which he is the one who confronts agreement, propagates confusion and denies the truth.

David Martin

While talking to David Martin who is a correspondent, for an interview for “CBS Sunday Morning” he said that Trump is an unusual president; he said that with the unhealthy nature of politics that is prevailing today, we have to be extra careful, as a little negligence can divide the country into parts.

The critics say that Jim Mattis is trying to attack the president indirectly just to protect his own rights after he made the choice of joining the administration that supported politics in the military.

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