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Javier Jiménez, the mayor of San Sebastian says that he does not support Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s


Puerto Rico’s Mayor got into a dispute with Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s who says that he has fully supported the Gov. at the time he is being asked for stepping down from his position. The reason he is being asked for stepping down from his position is that he is charged with the allegations of being corrupt and he is also accused of saying bad things about the people of Puerto Rico along with the people who were the victims of Maria the Hurricane.

Image Credit: Fox News

He did an interview after being all the accusation for the first time on  “Shepard Smith Reporting” on Monday in he claimed that Javier Jiménez, the mayor of San Sebastian is his supporter and the statement was denied by the Mayor himself during his interview with Fox. He said, “It’s not true that I support the governor. What he [Rosselló] said isn’t true.”

Jiménez also mentioned that he is eagerly waiting for the results of the investigations which includes the chats between Rosselló and the member of the territory’s New Progressive Party (PNP) along with a Democrat. According to the news so far, Jiménez has made some really insulting statements about the opposition, the victims of Maria the Hurricane and women of Puerto Rico.

There was a statement shared by Jiménez over the official Facebook page of San Sebastian which stated, “I have been clear and consistent in establishing that our Constitution provides mechanisms to interrupt the tenure by which a governor was elected by popular vote.”

The post also said, “The Puerto Rico House of Representatives has already begun the evaluation related to the ‘chat’ in which the governor participated, assembling a committee of lawyers from different political ideologies who will evaluate whether there are serious or less serious offences that lead to moral corruption so that an impeachment process could be initiated. I have established that we should expect this committee to issue an assessment on the ‘chat.’”