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Jarrod Ramos Admits Killing Five in Capital Gazette Newsroom Attack


In the recent admit from Jarrod Ramos, it was found that he was accused of killing nearly five people in a shooting rampage done by him at the offices of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis. On Monday, he admitted to his crime of killing at least five people in the court.

With this admittance from Ramos, it shows that the final verdict now reserves with the Jury. The Jury will soon decide about the decision as it is claimed that he was mentally ill when this incident happens and not to charge him legally.

Image Credit: Metro

Why he attacked Capital Gazette? 

Ramos, who is 39 years of age and as per the police, is being said that he had got a long grudge against the newspaper agency. To take revenge from the agency, he visited the office with a shotgun and attacked the doors of the Capital Gazette on 28th June 2018. After entering through the door, he started to open fire at the employees who all present there. 

In that attack, nearly four journalists, as well as a sales assistant, were getting killed. After that incident, the incident was described as one of the acts of vengeance by Ramos, and he had lost the defamation lawsuit against the newspaper agency. All this started when he was held guilty plea by the newspaper for harassing a former high school classmate. 

During the afternoon, Judge Laura S. Ripken had said to be accepted the Ramo’s admission on Monday. She is now scheduled to start the Jury selection for Wednesday in the very next phase of the case. 

After all this, it was learned that the attorney of Ramos will argue and will ask not to charge him criminally for shooting and killing of people. As he is not mentally stable and he should be committed to a mental hospital now.