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Japan Making A Comeback In Commercial Whaling


Japan is making a big comeback after almost 30 years. Japan has decided to open up the decks of the commercial whaling business. Japan was into the whaling business back in the 80s as they use to capture the whales and sell in the market as a product. The business was put at an end after the International Whaling Commission also called IWC put a ban on the whaling business as Japan was no more capable of selling Whale meat in the market.

Image Courtesy: Ways2GoGreen

In the year 1980 IWC banned whaling in Japan, it took six years for the act to come in action but it was later allowed to hunt whales for the scientific researches in the year 1988. The inquires showed that Japan continued to sell whale meat without taking the permissions as in the name of scientific research. Finally, after 30 years Japan is coming back in the business. The act was called off in December 2018 and it was announced that the meat will be sold as per the name of scientific experiment anymore. July 1 is going to be the date when the Japanese will be able to catch the whales. According to Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, IWC was focused on saving the whales back then. He said in a statement, “In its long history, Japan has used whales not only as a source of protein but also for a variety of other purposes. Engagement in whaling has been supporting local communities, and thereby developed the life and culture of using whales.” Japan Times conveyed that the fleets which were whaling for the scientific use are going to continue the whaling for commercial business. The fleets will hunt under their territorial waters and they will not perform whaling in the international borders to avoid conflicts. The sales went down after ban as Japan was consuming more than 200,000 tons of whale meat back in the 60s which was reduced to 3,000 tons by 2016.