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Italy: Matteo Salvini Calls For Fresh Elections That Could Bolster Far Right


Italy Seems To Be Ready For New Elections That Might Take The Country Even More Towards The Far Right.

On Friday, The Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini repeated his calls for an election before the completion of the routine term. He said that all the efforts made to form a coalition government without going through the electoral process won’t be acceptable.

Matteo Salvini calls for fresh elections
Matteo Salvini: Image Source

He has been trying to dismantle the coalition government, so, his party said that it would like to present a no-confidence motion in the Senate in an effort to dismantle the turbulent coalition that is against the establishment. It is known as the Five Star Movement or (M5S).

Earlier Salvini demanded that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte gather the parliament and collapse the government.

Matteo Salvini

Matteo Salvini has already revealed that he will be a candidate for the next prime minister of Italy, though the elections are not yet scheduled. On Thursday night in Pescara, while talking to his supporters who were there in a rally he requested them to give him and his party members the support that is required to control the country and save it from the unexpected disasters.

There has been a steady growth in the number of supporters of the League over the past few months. According to some polls conducted recently, the League has gathered 39% support from the people while the support of people for M5S has halved to only 15%.

Salvini denied any chances of the coalition of his party with any other party and said that his party will contest the election alone and by chance if it fails to get the 40% majority that is needed to form a government he will prefer choosing a “travel companion”. The party that is the most likely to join Salvini to form a government is Brothers of Italy. It is a party with Neo-fascist background that if joined with the League can make a completely far-right government in Italy that is a significant European nation of the west.

Giorgia Meloni

The leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni said that the new elections could succeed in forming a government that could correct the politically incorrect reforms that the country needs.

Both the leaders Salvini and Meloni have a conservative mindset and therefore both support the anti-immigrant policies as they prefer the stance of “Italians First”. They have been actively attacking the calls from Pope Francis to help the immigrants. On Friday, in an interview with La Stampa, the Pope shared his worries and concerns over the nationalism based mindset and said that he hears the speeches that resemble the ones done by Hitler in 1934 where it was all about “Us First”, “We”, “We”. He said these were the most frightening thoughts prevailing in the people of Italy.

Salvini’s political popularity has been supported by the uncompromising campaigning that he does by using piazza and beach rallies and social media. He portrays the image of ‘man of the people’ and acts as the only defender of Italian ‘Identity’. He is an expert in painting a person or a community black so he easily demonizes the people he calls the enemies of Italy. These people include migrants, people of Rome, Muslims and the people of the left-wing. For the extremists in nationalism, this demonizing of others has played a vital role in increasing the popularity of Salvini.

The political instability in Italy has affected the European stock market in a negative manner as it saw a downward trend on Friday as it opened, Milan’s exchange dropped by 2.3%.

The conflict between M5S and the League aggravated on Wednesday when the Italian Parliament declines a motion made by M5S for the blockage of a high-speed rail project that was linking Italy with France. All the popularity gained by M5S is because of its unreasonable opposition of this rail project that was outvoted by the opposition parties and well as the League.

Government Official

Conte is a government official who does not belong to either of the parties; he reacted very indignantly to the demands made by Salvini. He said that the government was not at the beach having fun it was actually working from morning till night.  And said it referring to Salvini’s spree at the beach that happened to be just a week earlier.

Conte met the President of Italy Sergio Matterella and Salvini separately and had talked to both the leaders. Having met them, he said that the deputy prime minister has no authority to summon the parliament and guide anyone for the resolution of the political crisis of the country.

According to the system of government in Italy, it is the right of the President of the country to dissolve the government and announce the new elections. He has the right to install a new technical government so that he could get the budget 2020 passed in autumn, this is one of the most unpopular options among all the political parties.

It is a fact that Salvini has succeeded in cornering the President in an awkward position. The parliament can be re-gathered by 20th of August so that the end of the administration could be confirmed, after which the elections are supposed to be held between 50-70 days.

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