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Is Upgrading To Apple iOS 13.1 Worth The Cost?


Apple iOS 13.1 is here and is totally a quick fix for iOS 13 which has become a bug-filled mess. This makes it very crucial for all iPhone lovers using iOS 13 to upgrade, but should the ones using the iOS 12 upgrade? Maybe it’s the right time for it.

iOS 13 has lifted support from its previous two generations of iPhone, therefore, iOS 13.1 will be compatible with iPhone 6S and newer models. Devices that are compatible with it might have received the request for an update, if not, then navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. Also, beta testers running the latest version of iOS 13, if you’re reading this, remember to unroll your iPhones or iOS 13.1 won’t show up.

Image Credit: Forbes

Although, there have been numerous bugs found as well as lacking security flaws and the fact iOS 13.1 addresses many of them, this makes it a vital upgrade. Those who are still running the somewhat outdated iOS 12 should stay put because, while iOS 13.1 may prove to be better than iOS 13 it’s not as good as it looks like.

Several issues with iOS 13.1 also seem to be lingering around with third-party apps and devices, for example, the wireless chargers which can be seen to perform at a lower speed. Apple has also confirmed that the “full access” keyboard bug still remains unsettled.

iOS 13.1 is clearly a quick fix for a haste release and that doesn’t make for good software. Consequently, anyone who is still using one of the previous builds of iOS 12 should now adapt to the changes as quickly as possible. It would take more than an update to fix all the problems in the processor. Also, The ones who rushed to buy the new model and have already stepped into the iOS 13 cult should upgrade to iOS 13.1 because it’s better than what you already have.