Home Headlines Insults, Threats And ‘Godfather’ Impressions: Feds Parade Roger Stone Witness-Tampering Evidence

Insults, Threats And ‘Godfather’ Impressions: Feds Parade Roger Stone Witness-Tampering Evidence


Recently, prosecutors revealed multiple evidence against Roger Stone for forcing a witness to be silent. Roger Stone served many years as the top advisor for Donald Trump. The evidence suggests that Roger forced one of his associates to remain calm in the ongoing investigation of Russia’s 2016 election interference.

Image Credit: Politico

 Roger is charged with obstruction of Congress, witness tampering and lying. The jury in the federal court listened to all the communication between Roger and Randy Credico, the host of liberal talk shows. The jury also listened to Randy. While providing evidence, he was stopped multiple times for diverging from the topic. People present there explained that the response from Randy was not specific and no less than a stand-up act.

The Courtroom Drama

Credico was called to the witness stand to explain how Roger influenced him by referring the movie Godfather to remain silent in response to congressional investigator’s inquiries. 

The courtroom was full of evidence against the Stone. Evidence suggested Stone’s involvement in Trump’s election campaign in 2016. The court discusses the WikiLeak’s plans to reveal the personal emails of Clinton. 

The courtroom was stunned when the jury read a conversation between Roger and Randy. Randy worth less than a used toilet paper, Roger wrote in a message. He further accused Randy of being a drug and alcohol addict and criticize his work by saying a piece of shit. The letter was sent in April 2018. 

In another conversation, Randy warned Roger about the incorrect testimony presented by him. In response, Roger threatened him in multiple ways, including Bianca, his therapy dog. He threatened him to death during a conversation. He wanted to take away the dog from Randy. 

The recently found evidence and conversation details will take the ongoing case in a new direction. Experts are predicting that Trump has to face the heat in the latter hearings involving this case.