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Inside The Trump Team’s Fight Over an Impeachment Communicator


It’s been several times when President Trump claimed himself innocent against the ongoing impeachment case. In a recent development, Tony Sayegh, former Treasury official of the White House, appeared in the West Wing to help out the President against the current impeachment. The appearance of Tony was entirely unexpected and surprised many. A small but vocal group in administration repeatedly raised their concerns about the presence of Tony.

Image Credit: Politico

What does the move mean?

The presence of Tony means a lot. The appearance of a communication specialist in the impeachment case shows that the White House is nervous about the impeachment case. The group claimed that the recent addition made President Trump looks week against the move of Democrats. Though President Trump repeatedly stated that he is innocent, and he did no wrongs. Tony is termed as a Jared guy in the central circle, as he is an ally of Trump’s son-in-law and a top adviser. 

Previously, President Trump’s allies were criticized for not putting the argument properly and unable to defend the President’s point of view. Some people think the addition of such a high profile person might show the President week, while others believe that Trump is ready for an offensive attack against the ongoing impeachment case. 

Trump is extremely busy with different responsibilities, such as foreign policy, personnel moves, and many other things. An expert in the matter revealed that the battle is on from Trump’s first day in office. The only difference is now President Trump doesn’t have enough aids in his circle, he added. The recent battle between the White House counsel’s office and the chief of staff’s office is an example of it. The two prime organizations of the country had disputes over messaging and strategy building, though the matter resolved latterly. 

In a recent statement, President Trump claimed that he has no team, but he is the team. He is confident about the result, as he believes he did no wrong.