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In Trump Impeachment Trial, Senate Republicans Could Turn Tables on Dems

Image Credit: Fox News

It looks like House Democrats enter into the final phase on the ongoing impeachment inquiry. The House recently reviewed the witnesses tied top officials, that includes the US President Donald Trump. 

But the tables could turn, and the House could approve impeachment articles and initiate a trial in the Senate, controlled by the Republican. On the other side, Trump’s allies are now closely looking at the allegations that involve Democrats. On Friday, while talking with a private news channel, Trump said, he wants a trial. 

So, on Thursday, the White House and Senate Republicans accepted to organize a full Senate trail of the House impeach President Donald Trump. 

What We Know So Far

As per the latest report, on Thursday, a group of Republicans met up with Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, and Pat Cipollone, White House Counsel. The purpose of the meeting was to draw out a plan for the impeachment trial. Well, it is not confirmed yet whether the impeachment will happen or not. The White House urges the Senate to organize a trail. 

Politico states Donald Trump’s GOP allies and the White House decided they need factual affirmative defense on the merits, inform on the attendee. Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Sens. Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, and Ted Cru were in attendance. Besides, Staff Mick, the Acting Chief of Staff, also was present. 

A senior-level White House official informs that Trump personally said that he doesn’t want to drag the ongoing impeachment too long. He wants to get in over soon.  

Final words

Well, till now, no final decision has been made, a White House official informs. As per the sources, the meeting underlined the coordination between the White House and the allies in the Senate. The latest report indicates the impeachment may happen very soon, maybe next month. All are waiting for confirmation.