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Imran Khan Highlights Kashmir Issue At 74th UNGA Session

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Imran Khan’s Speech in UNGA:

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan highlights the Kashmir issue while addressing the United Nations General Assembly Session 2019 on 27th of September. He has discussed all the important issues in about 50 minutes. Imran Khan has represented his country, Pakistan in a perfect way by using facts and figures. A positive image of Pakistan has been portrayed by Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan not only talked about the oppression that Kashmiri people are facing but also about all the problems Muslims are facing for being Muslim in western countries. The discrimination on the basis of religion and races is also highlighted in his speech. In addition to this Imran khan also talked about drastic climate changes of the world as well as the efforts made by Pakistan in this regard. An important problem of developing countries like Pakistan, money laundering is discussed and the dirty game that powerful countries play to protect these tax heavens is also covered in the speech.

The incredible address by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan is being appreciated during the session by the audience from whole world. Pakistanis Politics as well as population has appreciated the Imran khan for his address.

Kashmir Issue:

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan discussed four major problems. The Kashmir issue was the most extensive one and it took about half of time of his address.

Prime Minister Imran khan tried to unveil India’s actual dirty face to whole world. According to him the main reason to attend the United Nations General Assembly’s 74th session was to tell about all the inhumane treatment being done with Kashmiri people.

On August 5, Indian government implemented Article 370 in on Indian constitution in Kashmir. 13000 young boys have been arrested and sent to some unknown places. Major Political leaders are also arrested.  All the people are bound to their houses due to curfew. Women are being raped. There are about 90 thousands of Indian troops deployed in Kashmir, which according to Modi is for the prosperity of Kashmir. Imran khan seems worried about what will happen after the curfew ends? Obviously Kashmiris won’t sit in peace which will cause serious bloodbath. If alarming situation like bloodshed happened, consequences will be even worse. It will cause tension between both Pakistan and India. Both are nuclear states so the results of any war will affect the whole world. “It’s not a threat, it’s a fair worry,” he said.

What is the world community going to do?

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan has questioned the whole world “What is the world community going to do? Is going to appease to a market of 1.2 billion or is it going to stand up for justice and humanity?”  Imran khan emphasized that United Nation really needs to step in.

Imran khan also refused all the accusations made by Indian Prime Minister on Pakistan for helping and preparing militant groups in Kashmir. He also explained how Narendra Modi has used Kashmir and Pakistan for Election compaign.

Before Khan’s address Modi has also addressed United Nations General Assembly who hasn’t even mentioned Kashmir once.

Climate Changes:

The first thing discussed by Imran khan was drastic climatic changes of the world. According to him many leaders have discussed this issue but they lack seriousness. What we need is money for facing all these problems.

Imran Khan further explained the alarming condition of Pakistan that lies the list of countries affected by climate changes. 80 percent of water in the rivers of Pakistan as well as india comes from melting of glaciers. According to him the whole world should understand the seriousness of this issue and steps should be taken otherwise this will result in huge catastrophe.

He also made it clear how Pakistan has done efforts for solving this problem. About 1 billion trees were planted in KPK and Imran khan has planned to plant about 10 billion trees in whole country to fight global warming but obviously one country can’t fight against a global problem. He further emphasized that Unites Nations should take initiative.

Money Laundering:

The second important issue of the developing world, most importantly Pakistan is Money Laundering.

A home truth is spoken by Pakistan’s Prime Minister in front of western world. He said “Every year billions of dollars leave the poorer countries and go towards rich countries, siphoned off by the ruling elites of the western world. This is devastating the developing world. It is impoverishing them. The rich-poor gap is growing because of them.”

He explained the situation of Pakistan due to corrupt rulers. Debt of Pakistan has increased 4 times before Imran khan took in charge. Half of Pakistan’s revenue generated from last year went directly for debt services.

Corrupt ruling elites of Pakistan took out the money easily and bought properties in the west. Now it has become really difficult for country like Pakistan which cannot afford expensive lawyer to retrieve the money.

He requested the developed countries to show interest in this matter. He questioned “why do we have tax havens?”

According to him all of this will result in serious crisis if the rich keep getting rich. IMF and AMD should find a way to solve this problem by the help of united nation.


One of most important issue that is being raised by Imran Khan on behalf of his own country as well as the whole Muslim world is islamophobia that begin soon after 9/11. He boldly explained “hijab is becoming a weapon; a woman can take off clothes but she can’t put on more clothes.”

There are 1.3 billion muslims living in the world still the muslims living in the USA and European countries in this era face so much religion, cultural and racial oppressions.

Imran Khan said that “This radical Islamic terrorism used by leaders has caused Islamophobia and has caused pain for Muslims.” All the religions of the world are based on compassion and justice so no one have right to say Muslims as terrorist.

He further explained the place and “makaam” of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in heart of every Muslim. He requested the non-Muslim world to not use the freedom of speech to hurt the sentiments of Muslims.

Imran khan gave an example of State of Medina where there was equality for rich and poor. The orphan, widows, aged people were the responsibility of state. Minorities were not maltreated. Imran Khan portrayed Pakistan as well as Islam very well in front of whole world.

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