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Happy St. George’s Day Message Quotes Sayings Bible Verses Poems Image Pictures Status 2017


Happy St. George’s Day Message Quotes Sayings Bible Verses Poems Image Pictures Status 2017: As we all know, every year St. George’s Day is celebrated on 23rd April with lots of peace and happiness and For those Eastern Orthodox Churches which use the Julian calendar, this date currently falls on the day of 6 May of the Gregorian calendar. Saint George’s Day is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint. Now, below get complete details of St. George’s Day.

Happy St Georges Day Message Wishes

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Happy St George’s Day


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Happy St George’s Day


People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it. Happy St George’s Day


The gentleness of the English civilization is perhaps its most marked characteristic. Happy St George’s Day!


On St. George’s Day petal by petal, A bud becomes a rose… Years by years England’s greatness grows.


St. George’s Day Images Pictures 2017

Happy St. George's Day Images
Happy St. George’s Day Images
St. George's Day fb cover Picture
St. George’s Day fb cover Picture
St. George's Day Images
St. George’s Day Images
St. George's Day Pictures
St. George’s Day Pictures

St. George’s Day Quotes Sayings

Happy St George’s Day, Darling
This is not a day to moan
But today can you not slay the dragon
Just for once, leave me Mum alone



Happy St George’s Day, Darling
Come spend the day, with me, in bed
You’re not one for slaying dragons
You married her instead.


Today is St George’s Day
He killed that thing with the firey face
So why do we English celebrate
A Turk, who never set foot in the place


Today is 23rd April
This card is sent to say
(Jimmy) to me, you’re a saint
So today is just not your day


St George’s Day Bible Verses Poems

A Roman soldier lost his head,
For not ditching his Christian beliefs, it is said.
Though, legend sounds better, when a man called George
Went out one day, with his trusty sword.

He wandered from home, far and wide,
Across the English countryside;
Meeting people, and making new friends,
His gentlemanly conduct knew no ends.

One day, he met a lady, … heavily laden,
In the form of a buxom maiden.
He could see that she was in distress,
And, on her journey, she could not progress.

He questioned her, and asked her why,
She shed a tear from her beautiful eye.
She explained, her route was blocked, ahead,
A dragon had decided to make its bed.

George stood her aside, and drew his blade,
Retraced the footsteps, that she’d made.
Ahead, he encountered a scale giant,
With nostrils flared, it stood defiantly.

Green and purple, it was ten feet tall,
Blocking the pass, from wall to wall;
George shouted his order for the dragon to scream,
But it just raised its head and looked at the man.

It rose to full height, and gave a great roar,
Displaying anger, like George had never seen before;
From its nostrils, came a ball of orange flame,
Smoke surrounding the dragon, and George the same.

He was far too short, for this mammoth task,
Unless he got higher, this was too much to ask.
After searching a field, he found a white horse,
And thought, “This will give me extra height, of course”.

He rode to the dragon, right up to its lair,
And saw that it was still laying there.
This time, with his sword, he reached the dragon’s eye,
And with one plunge, he left the creature to die.

Blinded and hurt, by the man’s assault,
The dragon’s life had been cut short.
It roared, and then fell to the ground,
Then, there was silence, all around.

He offered his hand, to the maiden, fair,
Said she was now free to go anywhere.
With the knowledge, that the dragon was dead,
Folk knew they were safe when they went to bed.

George’s reputation spread, far and wide,
The population were all on his side;
And that’s the reason, that people say,
23rd of April is St. George’s Day.

Jim Bell


No one calls it racist
When the daffodil’s worn in Wales
Or is offended by their dragon
With its forked tail and scales

When St Patrick’s day comes round
And the shamrock’s being worn
The Irish are not treated
With insult or with scorn

If a Scotsman on St Andrew’s day
Hoists his flag aloft
He’s not proclaimed a fascist
Or ridiculed or scoffed

So when St George’s Day arrives
We English men wont hide
For Elizabeth, England & St George
We’ll wear our Rose with pride.

Happy St. George’s Day 2017. 🙂