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Get Online Via Android New Feature ‘Instant Tethering’ In Google Play


Android introduces new feature called ‘Instant Tethering’. Mobile hot spots have been a great feature, but can be cumbersome to set them up. Google is being hoped to fix that. Thus the company is planning to roll out a new feature in Google Play Services 10.2 which is specifically designed to make tethering quite easier.

Android New Feature Instant Tethering

Android has launched the new feature named instant tethering in Google play store services. We use the mobile hotspot to access the internet, but it takes some time to tether manually. So Google has introduced this feature. In this new feature, it has been linked up with the devices that are connected to their Google account. It helps you to stay online even if your connection is lost. In case if you lose the internet connection, it will provide you the option to tether with another device. No additional setup is necessary for this process. They generally use Bluetooth to negotiate the connection.  Along with this, the facility is given to see the battery level of another device.

Android New Feature Instant Tethering
Android New Feature Instant Tethering

The instant tethering works on a server side component and also in Google play services of 10.2 version. This feature will run on the devices compiled on Nougat 7.1.1 such as in Nexus and pixel. The devices like Pixel C and Nexus 9 are supported as clients. Thus users can connect to the compatible devices. This feature also works on the marshmallow.

Cell phones like Pixel XL will act as hotspot side, and then two phones can connect with another one with instant tethering. This feature is being tested on more devices. There is server side component attached to this device, so one couldn’t see this feature instantly after installing from new play services. We hope that this feature will be available on more devices as time flows, but we don’t have any official confirmation on this still.