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Full Hunter Moon Visible This Weekend


Do you know what Hunter’s Moon is? Let’s get some insights on it first. It is the first Full Moon after September’s Harvest Moon and it’s the time to start preparing for coming winters. It is called Hunter’s Moon as Hunters track and kill their prey by autumn moonlight and store food for winters.

Image Credit: WKRN

On 13th October sky will be illuminated with a brilliant full moon which will peak at 22:07 pm GMT, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Every month Full Moon had a different name and in October it is called Hunter’s Moon, the name is picked by European Settlers. When sunset and moonrise are close together, during the autumn season, it allows farmers and hunters to be active in the night as the fields and prey are visible due to moonlight.

October full moon is also called Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon due to its bright red-orange color. Science journalist Deborah Byrd explains that its colors are due to its positioning. “The location of the moon near the horizon that causes the Hunter’s Moon—or any full moon—to look big and orange in color.”

If you are away from artificial lights, moon shadows will be visible everywhere. This month “Hunter’s Moon” will only be 14 percent visible to its average moon size. The best time to be attentive and focused for full moon is either moonrise or moonset when it appears or disappears at the horizon.

Three best times to view intently at the “Tiny Hunter’s Moon” would be, do check out moonrise and moonset time as per your locations:

  • Moonrise on Sunday, October 13, 2019:the near-full moon will set in the west just before sunrise.
  • Moonset on Sunday, October 13, 2019:this is the one most people will watch. A full moon will rise in the east almost coinciding with sunset in the west.
  • Moonrise on Monday, October 14, 2019:the near-full moon will set in the west just after sunrise.

Wishing you with best photographs and clear skies.