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Florida Woman Fakes Medical Issue on Plane to Get Bigger Seat, Police Say


In a bizarre incident, a Florida woman got into the custody of police for pretending her medical problem. The incident happened when she started to raise her medical issue, for that plane diverted back to provide her with a big seat.

As per police officials, in a statement, police say that women raise the issue so she can get a big seat. To get the place, she claims to have a medical problem for which she needs to have a prominent position. The incident occurs on Friday with American Airlines flight. 

What the crew does after she raises her medical issue?

As soon as she said about her issue, the pilot of the plane then declared an emergency. After that, the pilot initiates the emergency protocol. The flight went back to Pensacola after the woman showed trouble in breathing. With all these, the flight crews then contacted the Pensacola International Airport and told all the issues of her.

When the flight land in here, she got immediate emergency medical assistance. During that time, it learned that she fakes her medical issue in the flight. All the medical problems are done by her to get the big seat in the plane.

Pensacola Police Department officer Mike Wood confirms the fake medical act. 

How they deplane her?

As the pilot land the plane in Pensacola, the woman initially asked them not to deplane her. But following some arguments, the authorities decided to evacuate the aircraft and other passengers. Then only they can convince her to exit the plane and undergo a medical examination.

After the medical staff confirms she fake it, the woman then was taken to protective custody. She was taken to jail under the State’s Baker Act. The act gives authority to all police officials to detain the person for posing as a threat to themselves or for others too.