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Florida Teen Charged With Trying to Hire Hitman to Kill High School Staffer


A Florida teen, a student at Fivay High School, located in Hudson, has been charged and arrested for trying to hire a hitman to kill his high school faculty staff. As per the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office gave the information the teen, named Nicholas Godfrey18, was charged with solicitation to murder on Friday.

Image Credit: NY Post

The Deputies informed that the teen sent a message through his Instagram account to another student of the high-school. In the letter, he wrote that he needs a person who can kill someone. He also wrote no joke, and he wants to eliminate that person as soon as possible. In another message, he wrote that he could give the students around USD 10, 000 to reduce the faculty of the school. 

The investigator first obtained a search warrant form the authority to check Godfrey’s Instagram account. They traced Godfrey’s internet connection’s IP address. After that, they discovered these conversations. When grilled by the detectives, the teen admitted to sent those messages, and he submitted the phone he used to the authority, sources informed. 

Is it true? 

Well, the investigating officers told that they don’t know whether Godfrey wanted to kill the staff or not. However, even if he had no intention to kill the team, the threat itself a crime. The authority is now investing more about it to know the real purpose of the teen. 

Use social media wisely, said Fivay’s principle

Talking about this matter, Jason Joens, the law of Fivay high school, said that he wanted to thank Corporal Josh Peters and the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for their work and arrest the student. 

He further said that people sometimes go beyond social media’s boundaries. But it is quite important to report such an event.