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Fired Navy Secretary Criticizes Trump For ‘Shocking’ Intervention In SEAL Case


According to former Navy secretary Richard Spencer, the interruption of President Donald Trump was devastating and unexpected. He spoke about this on Wednesday. It was for the first time for Richard to have his statement regarding Trump before the Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s review board.

Image Credit: Fox News

Spence wrote that the action of the US President indicates that the president is the least knowledge about the military and its processes. According to him, the intervention of the president shows that he possesses little understanding of what does it mean by ethical fighting or the meaning of getting administered by specific rules and regulations.

Accusations on Gallagher

It is here to note that Gallagher was relieved of murder. However, he was convicted of a minor charge of appearing in a photo with an ISIS (Islamic State) fighter’s dead body. It had occurred in the year 2017 in Iraq, as he was deployed there. The case then had created a lot of buzzes. In fact, it in no time propagated across the globe, which ultimately dragged the attention of President Trump. According to Spencer, Trump interfered thrice over the military procedures. The latest interruption among those was the one when he asked for Gallagher to maintain his SEAL close and go for a tranquil retirement.      

Not just that, Spencer claimed about Trump’s interference. Instead, he, in complete detail, explained the way of establishing a board of review that, according to him, would ensure various things. First of all, it would ascertain at the rank at which Gallagher is going to make his retirement, whether he is going to terminate his tenure as an ‘honourable’ and whether he is going to have his Trident pin. That uninitiated, Trident pin is considered an explicit mark that distinguishes someone as a member of the prestigious SEAL force.