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Fiona Hill: The Former Donald Trump Adviser On Russia To Appear Before Lawmakers Panel In Impeachment Probe

Fiona Hill: The Former Donald Trump Adviser On Russia To Appear Before Lawmakers Panel In Impeachment Probe
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WASHINGTON – Only two months back, Fiona Hill was serving as the best Russian adviser in the White House.

She assisted in routing the American policy with Moscow into the matter that seemed to be the prime threat to the presidency of Donald Trump, the particular investigation into Russian involvement in the presidential election of 2016.

Now a considerable time after leaving the post the Russian adviser will be answering the questions of the people responsible for legislation. Now, the president faces the threat that is even bigger than that of Russian involvement in 2016 elections and that is of the impeachment inquiry.

Fiona hill is an ex-intelligence officer who had been serving at the White House as the senior-most director for Europe and Russia. Her assignments included work on Ukraine. According to a congressional spokesperson Fiona will be appearing for questioning in front of the Congress on Monday for a secluded testimony. She left her post in the white house administration in summers this year.

She might be facing interrogation about the excavating scandal connected to Trumps request to the president of Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, and the apprehensions about withholding of military aid and a meeting until the inquiry was made public. It also demanded investigation whether the aid was authoritative enough to assist the control of Russian hostility in the country or not.

Fiona Hill departed from her position just before in July Trump made the famous phone call with the president of Ukraine in which he forced him to start the investigations about Joe Biden, according to CNN and NBC she was well informed about the efforts done by Rudy Giuliani who is the personal attorney to president Donald Trump to find something negative about Biden In Ukraine.

Fiona Hills

According to the reports from NBC Fiona Hills has some plan to tell the congressmen who are the panel members, about the impeachment efforts that Gordan Sondland the ambassador of European Union and the personal attorney of Trump Rudy Giuliani who are also ordered to appear before the panel of congressmen have been making. She plans to tell the panel about the way Rudy and Gordan had painted Ukraine black that followed all the normal procedures and avoided National Security Council.

USA Today tried to contact Fiona’s attorney but he did not respond.

Before working as a member of Trump administration on Euroasia and Russia policy, Fiona Hills was a scholar at Brookings Institution and a frequent critic to Putin and his policies. She is the author to a number of books about Russia and Vladimir Putin. Her works include “Mr. Putin; Operative in the Kremlin”, in which she has criticized the way Putin ruled Russia. She has a master’s degree in Soviet studies as well as the modern and Russian history. All this information is collected from Fiona’s biography found at Brookings Institute.

According to some authentic resources some more witnesses might be appearing in front of the House Democrat’s panel for impeachment case hearing. The following is some important information about each of them.

George P Kent

He is an expert on Russia and Ukraine and now serves as the secretary to deputy assistant at the department of state. He might testify on Tuesday.

Kent has been under close monitoring of Guiliani for months, the former mayor of New York increased his pressure on the government of Ukraine to start investigations that would prove beneficial for Donald Trump. In the month of May this year while talking to a news site Mr. Rudy Giuliani put allegations without having any proof ,that Kent has been engaged in working with George Soros who is a billionaire philanthropist to gather negative information about Trump Campaign Officials.

Before starting working at his current position Kent worked as the mission’s deputy chief in Kiev, in the past he has made a number of efforts for eradication of corruption across the continent of Europe. Almost 30 years ago he joined the foreign services and can speak a number of languages including Russian, Ukrainian and Thai.

According to Michael McFaul who has been in service as US ambassador to Russia during the Obama regime Kent has always been very professional and loyal American who always worked for US interests.

Gordon Sondland

Gordon Sondland is the US ambassador to the European Union, he will be returning to the Capitol Hill on Wednesday. Last week the state department did not permit him to testify. Sondland is a hotel business tycoon who is native to Oregon and appeared as a key player in the Ukraine Issue.

A list of text messages made public earlier on show that Gordon and Kurt Volker who has worked and Trumps special envoy whom he sent to Ukraine made efforts for more than a month to pressurize the newly elected president Zelensky to publically commit that he would order the investigation against Joe Biden as well as about Ukraine’s involvement in the US presidential elections of 2016.

1. Ulrich Brechbuhl

He is the top lawyer working for the department of state and an old and close friend of Mike Pompeo who is the Secretary of State. Both friends did their graduation in 1986 form West Point. Both worked in Germany before the fall of wall between east and West Germany.

2. Brechbuhl

He took birth in Switzerland and knows three languages of German, French and Swiss German. After quitting his long career in private sector he joined the state department. Before joining the state department both Brechbuhl and Pompeo did business together as partners at Thayer Aerospace which is a defense company situated at Kansas.

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