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FBI to investigate along with the Dayton Police Department


It’s been days when Dayton faced a mass shooting at the midnight which took away nine lives and wounded more than 25 people. The shooter died within seconds the authorities got to know about the situation. FBI is going to join the investigation along with the Dayton Police Department to perform in-depth research of the incident. The suspect of the attack, Connor Betts died within seconds the officials got information about the attack. Betts was 24-years-old; his ex-girlfriend said in a press release that he was fond of mass encounters.


Head of FBI Cincinnati said in a press conference that it is not clear whether Betts had an order to perform a large-scale blood bath or he came by on his own. Their investigation is under process with the Dayton Police Department. Betts was carrying a heavy assault rifle with enough magazines to take down an area. According to the chief of Dayton Police Department, Richard Biehl, the shooter has a ‘history of obsession’ with the mass shootings. Betts ex-girlfriend said that he always used to talk about the mass shootings when they were together, but she had no idea that Betts will fall into something like this. Betts shot his sister along with eight others that night, and the motive of shooting his sister is unclear yet.

There were African Americans involved in the list of victims, but it is unclear whether Betts killed them due to hatred or any other reason. President Trump is going to visit Dayton on today, and earlier, he also paid his respects to the victims of Dayton as well as El Paso shootings. President Trump said that the government is going to take significant actions to stop the mass shootings. There are 260 mass shootings recorded within 251 days in this year alone. More than a hundred have either lost their lives or have got poorly injured.