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FBI Arrests Alleged White Supremacist Accused of Planning to Bomb a Pueblo Synagogue


FBI arrested a 27 years old man alleged plotting a bomb at a synagogue in Colorado. The man named Richard Holzer came to a motel with a mask and a knife and was suspected of inquiring about inert pipe bombs before police attest him on Friday. The man is charged with an attempt to accrue explosives and free exercise of religious belief. The complaint claimed him as a domestic terrorist who wants a racial war within the country.

Image Credit: Fox 43

The man was talking about killing Jews and was influencing people to join him. He also shared a video clip containing talks on sensitive topics, featuring himself. He posted several photos on social media, including other users with knives and guns. The picture also contains multiple symbols depicting white supremacists. 

In one of the Facebook posts, Richard Holzer revealed his wish to kill Jews without taking the name. I want a massacre, and these people need to die, his job stated. He was plotting the plan for years, officials revealed. He admitted that he paid 70 USD to a witch doctor to put Arsenic in the water pipe of the synagogue. 

Richard Holzer attended the federal court on Monday, and the preliminary hearing is scheduled on Thursday, Jason R Dunn, the USA Attorney, revealed. Richard could get a maximum of 20 years sentence if found guilty under a hate crime, experts confirmed. 

How the FBI Spotted Him?

Recently, the number of hate crimes is increasing in the USA. In the Pittsburgh open firing, 11 priests were killed in October last year. As a result, law enforcing agencies are putting their eyes in any suspicious movement.

Once the FBI spotted Richard Holzer, some undercover agents spoke about the attack on social media. Finally, they arranged a meeting in a restaurant. During the meeting, Richard Holzer proposed to use Molotov cocktails for destroying the Pueblo synagogue, the authority revealed.