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Father Dies Weeks After Daughter is Shot and Killed by Texas Officer


The father of the black lady, who was shot by a police officer to death, has died. The family spokesperson has confirmed the unfortunate incident. The father of the lady, Marquis Jefferson, reportedly suffered a heart attack on Saturday. He was admitted to the Dallas hospital, and the hospital authorities revealed the death, Dallas Morning News confirmed.

The family spokesperson said Marquis Jefferson was suffering from trauma after his daughter’s killing, which might be the cause of heart attack.

Image Credit: 10 TV

What happened to his daughter?

On the 13th of October, Atatiana Jefferson was playing video games with her eight years old nephew, early in the morning. As they opened the front door for better air circulation in the room, the neighbour called the non-emergency number of the department. Once the police got the news, they rushed to Jefferson’s house. Officer Aaron Dean fired a shot that killed Atatiana Jefferson. 

The police department revealed that the officer Aaron Dean perceived a threat before firing. But the video shows that the officer never told that he was from the law enforcing agency before firing his shot. 

Jefferson was reportedly pointing her handgun just near the window before the contact. The family revealed that it was a part of self-defence while inquiring about the matter. 

The officer who fired the shot has resigned and charged with the murder of Atatiana Jefferson. Before the death of the lady’s father, Marquis Jefferson, he termed the killing senseless. 

In a TV interview, Marquis Jefferson revealed that when his wife informed him about the death of his daughter, he was surprised. The lady was only 28 years old, and she had her entire life in front of her. 

The police officer resigned on the 14th of October. The officer declined to be interviewed on the day of the murder and told to submit a written statement later. But, he did not provide the written statement, the report suggests.