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Everything That NASA Is Offering To The Common People


The International Space station is like a gem that the space organizations have up in the Space. NASA who recently got the project of reaching the moon again by 2024 made them open the old files from Apollo 11. Well, NASA is going through a lot of things right now, from mission mars to sending supplies to International Space Station.

Image Courtesy: BBC

NASA is also going through a budget crisis since the government of America has cut their budgets. NASA is opening doors for all the people out there, no matter whether is a common person or a private organization, NASA is opening the doors of the International Space Station for all the people who are willing to go to the ISS. Due to the budget cuts and less time period to the mission NASA has decided to get into the business in which they are allowing people to grab a chance to visit the ISS. The initiative is going to start in the year 2020. This is going to be a golden chance for all the people to experience life in space and a chance to meet the real astronauts who already residing at the station. They will get to see the magical view and a chance to see the astronauts working. The mission is going to be of 30 days and it will also be open for the people who want to do videography or celebrating the best and the most expensive birthday party in the entire world. The earning from the tourists will help NASA to fulfill the needs of president Trump as he wants to send the man again to the Moon. SpaceX and Boeing are also invited for sending their private astronauts to study and perform research. NASA is allowing only two private missions in a year and every mission is going to be 30 days long.