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England Prepare For Typhoon Disruption VS France | Rugby World Cup

England Prepare For Typhoon Disruption Against France | Rugby World Cup
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The Rugby World Cup 2019 started on 20th September in Japan and will continue till 2nd November. The unexpected typhoon named Hagabis has been playing its destructive role and might hit Japan too. According to the reports the typhoon is now weaker than the strength it started with but still it has massive destructive power. It is moving towards Japan.

The England Rugby team has started its preparations for the movement of their match against France to some other venue or its cancellation.

The Hagabis is a category five typhoon which is known to be the most destructive and powerful typhoon of the year in this region. It might hit the Honshu island on Saturday.

The game between England and France is scheduled to be played before the most critical game between Japan and Scotland that both the teams will be playing in the same stadium at 11:45 on Sunday.

Heavy rainfall and strong winds are being expected to hit Yokohama and Tokyo and according to the rules and regulation in case of severely bad weather the games can be shifted to other places and even canceled in case the weather worsens.

Coach of England John Mitchell

The defense coach of England John Mitchell told the media that they will try to make the best of the situation no matter what happens. The defense coach said that they were looking forward to play against France. He said that if there is any change in the plan like venue change or anything they will pre-plan accordingly and prepare smartly.

John Mitchell said that they will control everything that a human being can control and if anything unexpected happen like change of venue that won’t create any problem for them as the players are trained to be flexible and adapt to the changes in environment and places. He said that the players are ready to face and change that may come in their way.


“The forecast track is still subject to change but current thoughts take #TyphoonHagibis into the south of Honhsu on Sat/Sun.  It’ll be weaker than it is now but still a massive ‘very strong’ typhoon. 🌀💦💨#RWC2019 matches and the #F1 could be affected by it.”#StayTuned

According to the critics and analyzers all the disruption caused by the weather and change of logistics of the game might be the biggest challenge that the world cup organizers might have to face. In a situation when thousands of Rugby fans are travelling to Tokyo Japan and the 70,000 capacity of the stadium of Yokohama. No other stadium in Japan matches the capacity of the YokoHama stadium.

England has already qualified for the rugby quarter final but Scotland still has to display best of its game. according to the seniors the scots need to perform much better than ever to prove their strength.

The registered games where weather conditions do not let the players play, the games are considered scoreless draw matches. It means that if the Irish team is able to beat Samoa in the Fukuoka in the game they will be playing on Saturday and the two point haul the Gregor’S Townsend’s team might get out of the tournament.

The English team reached Japan in the early days of September and at that time the Typhoon Faxit had hit some cities of Japan. It was considered one of the strongest storms that had hit the country in the time span of 50 years.

The typhoon Faxit had already left the squad of Eddie Jones stuck at the Narita airport for more than 4 hours, the defense coach John Michell he said that this experience might help them with their match the coming Sunday.

Talking to the BBC Radio 5 Live he said that the feeling that they were having is just like the one that was here when they arrived for the world cup. He said that while being stranded at the airport they had a great time by having fun through good humor. He said that if that was about the change of venue changing the performance of the players it is not so and the payers can easily adapt to the changing situations. He claimed that the venue change won’t affect his players. He said that they expect to play and hopes that the World Rugby will also like them to play the game.

Injured Player Better Now

Many of the people gone to Japan for Rugby world cup woke up on Wednesday when the earthquake shook them with 4.5 powers. John Michell was one of them.

Last Saturday England played against Argentina and its key number 8 player Billy Vunipola injured his left ankle. The player has been using a surgical boot for speedy recovery of his injury and now he is feeling much better.

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