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Elizabeth Warren Attacked by Rivals on Second Day Debate at Ohio


A fourth Democratic Debate was organized at Ohio among the Majority of Democratic Candidates of United States Presidential Election 2020. The majority of Democratic Candidates participated in Debate. Sen. Elizabeth Warren fired with questions from her opponents to her Election Agenda.
Elizabeth Warren is a leading Candidate among other candidates for Presidential Elections 2020. Joe Biden questioned her honesty and said her Medicare for all health plans is ridiculous. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar also confronted her with aggressive questioning. Buttigieg asked on the funding of her healthcare plan, from where she would raise funds for her project. Klobuchar mentioned in her interview to show her maths to provide the details of how she is going to pay for Medicare for all projects.

Image Credit: Washington Post

After gaining popularity, this was the first time she was attacked from all sides while entering the crucial phase campaign. She faces new challenges and questions pointing to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s health. Announcements on his New Endorsements and his substantial financial presence has shown that he is still in the race.
Ben bolt, the national press secretary for President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign, said that Candidates first time admitted that Warren is the front –runner, there is nobody next to her in the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign.
Biden also accounted for a finance problem, and he carries $9 million cash on hand at the end of the third quarter, figures sowed up late Tuesday. But Biden banishes the financial concerns on Wednesday, and he pointed Sanders and Warren as an advantage.
Sander provided insights on Medicare for all plan and replied it would attract more taxes. Warren has supported his plan to provide increased coverage to Unites States families. Also, she mentioned it would abolish Private health insurance Industries, but still, further details on how she will pay $30 Trillion over a decade is pending.