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Elizabeth Warren And Beto O’Rourke Say “Trump Is A White Supremacist“


The Democrat presidential candidate and senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts were talking to her voters on Wednesday when she said something about President Trump that millions of people believe in.


During her conversation with her voters, Elizabeth Warren said that President Trump was a white supremacist who is responsible for dividing Americans in different races and providing unstated and direct support to the people who believe in racism and think themselves to be superior to people of other races.

When in a short interview a journalist from a renowned newspaper asked her if she thought that President Trump was a “white supremacist” without wasting a single second she responded in agreement.

During her campaign in western Iowa, Ms. Warren said that President Trump has given aid as well as support to the white supremacists. According to the comments of the lady senator, the president has done everything he could to support the supremacists and he thinks of them as very nice people and openly talks about them as ones. She further said that Mr. President has made a lot of efforts in raising racial conflict and hatred across the country.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren comments are considered as the bluntest yet simplest condemnations till date from a democrat leader who is a presidential candidate too. She expressed her thoughts hours after a fellow democrat Beto O’ Rourke of Texas uttered the same words about the U.S President. The primary democrat candidate Beto O’ Rourke said that Donald. J. Trump has made every effort to arouse the racial conflicts and feeling of hatred in the country.

He further said that Trump has made it very clear with his policies that he is a supremacist and finds the others like him to be the finest people of USA. According to the statement of Beto O’ Rourke President Trump dehumanizes the people who do not look like and pray like most of the citizens of the USA. He said he wished that the country had more immigrants from Nordic countries.

When a journalist asked Elizabeth Warren if Trump was a supremacist she readily said “Yes”.

After the El Paso massacre, the US President has been criticized for his racist thinking. These are the racist policies of Mr. Trump that are the reason behind the incidents like El Paso Walmart in which 22 people lost their lives. And more than 2 dozen people got injured. According to the reports, this shooter is a gunman who has been posting document prior to this killing that was full of anti-immigrant fustian online.

Social Media Platform

The President used the social media platform Twitter to defend himself after facing constant criticism due to his rhetoric. The U.S President said that the democrat’s new weapon was actually the old weapon. That they always use when they are out of facts and this weapon is known as Racism. He said that the democrats were disgusting. President Trump said that he will be revealing a list of people who have been accused so ridiculously.

On Wednesday, the US President visited the survivors of the shooting that occurred in El Paso. The protestors hooted the US president when he was being driven to the hospital where the survivors were admitted. The President also went to Dayton, Ohio where nine people were shot dead. When a gunman opened fire on them this happened shortly after the El Paso incident.

When his convoy was going towards the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton to see the survivors of the shooting attack, dozens of people could be seen gathered blocks away in the fields holding signs saying “Dump Trump” and “Do Something”. On the other hand, the Pro trump flags could also be seen in the city.

This is not the first time that President Trump has been criticized by the democrat leaders. But the thing that created so much hype is the comments that were made by the candidate of presidential elections supported by the democrats. Right from the day, he started the election campaign he has been criticized for his thoughts about the immigrants and in support of the supremacists. The American constitution is totally against the racism but president trump has been calling the supremacists the fine people.

Interview with CNN

Earlier in an interview with CNN, the democrat told CNN’s Don Lemon in ‘CNN Tonight’. Trump should not “wink and nod and smile” about the supremacy of the white people when two shootings have taken place in 13 hours’ time. One of the shooters was suspected to be a guy influenced by the concept of white supremacy as his online activity right before the shooting proves that he was one of the ‘fine people’.

The remarks made by Elizabeth Warren make her the second 2020 democrats who think that president trump is a white supremacist. Following the El Paso and Walmart attacks and a number of racist comments openly made by the President. The racist comments made by the US president include the calls he made for four congresswomen. Who belonged to a minority, telling them to “go back” to the countries from which they came. Three out of those four women are born Americans. There are many other politicians who have been calling the president a white supremacist. According to some of the political analysts ‘Racist’ is a word that makes the President angrier than anything else.