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Easy Yoga Poses To Fight Back Problems


Yogs is the best source of keeping the body fit and calming the inside negativity out. The yoga was originated in India and the is way popular in all over the world. There are a lot of people all around the world who practice yoga on a daily basis. Yoga has proved to be the remedy of a lot of health-related problems. People suffering from heart diseases and body related problems practice yoga and see the results by themselves.

Yoga has been there for thousands of years ago and is being practised since. Yoga has a tendency to cure joint pains and other muscle related pains such as back pain, neck pain, leg pain, etc. Here are different poses of yoga which will help you fight the back pain problem.

Back pains can get severe sometimes no matter whether it is a stiff point on the upper back or the sensitive lower back and activities like practising yoga can help in getting rid of such pains easily. So, here some to poses to get over the back pain.

1. Downward Dog:

How to do it:

-Get down on all fours, keeping hands aligned and knees erect.

-Press the palm of your hands and slowly start to lift the knees, bringing them upwards.

-With a slight bend, extend your spine and tailbone.

-Distribute your body weight evenly and pay attention that your hips and shoulders are positioned correctly.

-With the chin tucked in a little, your head should be in line with the arms.

-Stay in this position for 1-3 minutes

2. Child’s Pose

How to do it.

-To perform this asana, kneel down on your yoga mat and keep your feet behind you.

-Taking a deep breath, exhale and gently pull your torso towards the thigh.

-Staying in this position, try to draw your ribs away from the tailbone and the head away from the shoulders.

-Your forehead should lay on the ground, with arms in the front.

-Stay in this position for up to 3 minutes for maximum relief.

3. Standing Forward Bend

How to do this:

-Staying in the Downward dog position, step forward towards the edge of the mat.

-Ensure that your feet are wide apart. Keep your legs straightened out and torso hanging low.

-Keeping the chin tucked in a little, take a deep breath and extend the head towards the floor.

-While doing so, put a little pressure on the hip and pelvic bone and not on the back.

-Stay in this position for up to a minute.