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Drone-to-aircraft crash is more damaging then a normal bird strike

Researchers from Federal Aviation Administration finds that bird-to-aircraft collision is less damaging than drone-to-aircraft.


A study released by the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday reveals that a collision of a drone with a plane is much harmful than the crash of a bird of the same size and this is because of the massive and solid components of the drone such as its robust motors, batteries and other parts. They added that a collision between a drone and a plane causes more intense damage to the aircraft because the components of the drone are much stiffer while birds are composed mostly of water.

Drone Plane Crash

The researchers say that the aircraft-manufacturing standards are appropriate for a crash of a bird with the plane but aren’t the same with a collision with a drone. The FAA says now the drone maker needs to upgrade the technology to detect and avoid plane crashes.

The FAA observed more than 250 cases in a month where drones caused potential damage to the aircraft which results even resulted in an immediate landing to the nearest airports.

One of the same incidents was shared by Candian officials when a drone hits a small charter plane carrying eight people last month over Quebec City, but the plane landed successfully without any injury to any of the passenger.

A team of four universities experimented with the crash between traditional airlines and drones ranging from 2.7 to 9 pounds in weight. They observed that in some cases the drones have even penetrated the skin of the plane.

The universities involved in this research were Mississippi State University, Montana State University, Ohio State University, and Wichita State University. The FAA also added that a study over next three year would look at the severity of collisions between drones and aircraft of different types.

The FAA also estimates a total of 2.3 million drones which needs to be bought for recreation including the one used for news photography, inspecting pipelines, power lines, and cell towers.