Home Headlines Dissociative Identity Disorder: Jeni Created 2,500 Personalities to Survive

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Jeni Created 2,500 Personalities to Survive

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Jeni Created 2,500 Personalities to Survive
Jeni Created 2,500 Personalities to Survive: Image Source

Dissociative Identity Disorder – This is about a case of child abuse that is unique and one of its kind as it was approved for hearing in a court even after the victim and the witness both had a psychological disorder. In most of the courts across the globe, the people who have psychological issues are never heard as a witness.

It happened the first time in the history that the people could see only one woman standing in the witness box and but the court record recorded the testimony of six different witnesses who came out of her and said whatever they knew about the extreme abuse both sexual and physical that Jeni Haynes had to go through in her early childhood days.

The reporters from BBC say that Jeni told BBC that she walked into the courtroom and sat down, she spent a few hours there and then got back into her body and left the court. It is the statement made by Jeni Haynes who was a prey to her own father Richard Haynes’s torture. According to the reports made by the Australian police, it was the worst case of child abuse in the history of the country and perhaps even in the world.

According to most of the doctors who deal the patients with mental disorders when a child is abused in her/his early childhood days, he is likely to develop multiple personality disorder to survive the abuse and torture inflicted upon them. Right from her early childhood Jeni Haynes started hiding behind the self-created friends to survive the torture she was not supposed to share with her mother or her siblings.

To deal with the ever-increasing abuse by her father she started making up new friends to help her survive it. Jeni told the court that she had created two thousand five hundred (2500) characters with different personalities who were there with her when her father tormented her. Normally people with multiple personality disorder or split personality have up to five or six different personalities. But Jeni had 2,500 personalities in just one body of hers.so much that she had to make

When she was just 4 or five years old Jeni’s father started abusing her and has raped her several times and tortured her so badly that she had to hide behind her friends.

The trial was held on March 2019 and proved to be a landmark in the history of courts of Australia. Where Jeni was living with her family which moved back to England after which her mother divorced her father. In March it was the first time that Jeni antagonized her father to put forward evidence to prove him guilty of the charges of rape and physical abuse with the help of several of her friends. The friends she talked about including a four- year old girl called symphony.

According to sources, it is the first case in which the court has permitted the hearing of a case in which the victim is diagnosed with Multiple personality disorder has testified with all the self-created friends and has even secured an opinion.

Talking to BBC Jeni said that they were not afraid of him now and they have waited quite a long time to tell the world what the cruel man has been doing to her. She said that now he could not stop them from telling the world the whole truth about the brutality of the man who cannot be called a father. On the 6th of September, the man was sentenced to 45 years of imprisonment by a court of Sydney.

As Jeni explained further she never felt safe even in her own head. In 1974 the Haynes family that has been living in London moved to Australia. At that time Jeni was only 4 years old and her father had begun his planned abuse on his innocent little daughter. When the family moved to Sydney the abuse turned to more aggressive and he used to torture her on a daily basis.

The Multiple personalities that Jeni had were her tactic to hide her real self from the torture she was going through. She told the court that the abuses were not random they were specially planned and calculated. In the statement about eth victim impact, she told the court that nothing in his attacks was accidental and everything he did was deliberate and he enjoyed every moment of the torment. She surrendered her right to stay anonymous so that her father is easily identified.

Jeni told that she pleaded him to stop as felt too much pain and discomfort, she wept continuously and he could see how painful it was for her and the extent to which he had damaged her physically. Her torture did not affect him and he did it all again.

Richard Haynes had brainwashed her that he could read her mind and if she told about what was happening to her family or anyone at school he would kill her mother and her siblings. She said that she stopped feeling safe even in her thoughts. And she became introvert and lived in the world she created for herself in the form of the friends she made during her disease called Multiple personality disorder. She said that she started looking at her physical wounds as her inner self was invaded and brutally tortured by her father. She related to the lyrics of the song” Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?”

Initially, Richard Haynes was charged with 367 crimes of different types including rape, child abuse, and bodily knowledge of a child less than 10 years of age, and filthy assault. Jeni in her personalities had evidence against every crime for which he was charged, but only with the testimony from 6 of Jeni’s personalities the court reached the conclusion of sending Richard to jail for 45 years.

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