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Democrats Vow Court Fight to Block New N.C. Congressional Map


In a recent move, North Carolina, Republicans have approved a new congressional map. The move is expected to cost at least two seats in the House and hence has been blocked by the Democrats. The Democrats claim that the step is still a GOP gerrymander.

As per the current statistics, Republicans claim ten seats out of 13 and are likely to lose two more seats presided over by George Holding and Mark Walker. However, Democrats differ that the new map does not stretch itself and hence are quick enough to raise the same in state court.

Image Credit: Politico

The plaintiffs from the Democrats who challenged the original map have presented a small brief. The brief dates back to Friday and is expected to create political turmoil, especially in the time when the elections are just a year ahead. On the other hand, Republicans have already fought an uphill battle, and with the new case, they are expected to lose sheer confidence. 

Assessing the Facts of the Events

As per the GOP representative, Patrick McHenry, the community has a Wild West of redistricting, and with the new proposal, the state would have the fourth map in six cycles. The move would not confuse the voters, according to the representative. 

The move seems to be welcomed by the legislature as a panel of three judges sat down together last month. The judges look to support the movement while taking precautions that the party would not lose much due to congressional delegation. 

Under the GOP’s redrawn, the Holding’s district includes a more significant part of Wake County. On the other hand, Walker’s new seat unites Greensboro and Winston Salem, a move that unites massive Democratic voters. 

U.S politics has seen a lot of ups and downs in recent years, and hence, with the development of the following case, the turmoil is expected to continue.