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Democrats Debate Presidential Field on News of Michael Bloomberg’s Potential Candidacy


The former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire, is expected to move forward with the 2020 presidential bid. Bloomberg is activity preparing him to enter into the run for president in 2020. The existing candidate like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Andrew Yang, expressed their opinion about Bloomberg’s potential candidacy for 2020.

Image Credit: Washington Post

Statements by the existing candidate

Existing candidate speech on Bloomberg’s potential candidacy yesterday after the report from the New York Times about Bloomberg preparation to enter the race of the 2020 election, the other existing candidate stated commenting about the news. Shortly after the report, Elizabeth Warren tweeted and welcomed Michael Bloomberg to the race.

Warren mentioned a link that redirected to a tool or a calculator for the billionaires. Andrew Yang also commented on Bloomberg’s potential candidacy. Andrew Yang made an appearance this week on CNN and responded a question about Michael Bloomberg getting in the race asked by a reporter. He said that Michael would have a difficult time to connect to the voters and also cracked a joke about Bloomberg being a billionaire.

Amy Klobuchar, the existing presidency candidate, commented on Bloomberg seeking the presidency. She said that she has a lot of respect for Bloomberg, but she thinks that the other candidate is better than Bloomberg. She also added that she and her husband do not have as much money as Bloomberg has.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump also expressed their opinion on Bloomberg standing for the 2020 election. Bernie sanders commented that the billionaire class is scared, and he thinks they should be afraid. Donald Trump said that Bloomberg is not going to do well as he does not have the magic to do well. And Trump also added that Bloomberg is going to fail in the race.