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Chicago’s Top Cop Eddie Johnson, Who Took Over Controversy-Racked Force, Is Retiring


Eddie Johnson, superintendent of police in Chicago, step down from his post after serving more than three years as the top law enforcement officer of the city. Eddie Johnson took over to the job at a very uncertain time. His predecessor was removed from the office after video footage spread online, showing a white policeman shooting a black youngster, Laquan McDonald.

Image Credit: NPR

Eddie Johnson announced his retirement at a press conference. Now, this is the time for someone new to step up and carry these four stars in their shoulders, he said during the meeting. He also shared the difficulty of the job profile. Taking these four stars sometimes feel carrying the weight of the world, he added.

Eddie was commanding the country’s second-largest police force, comprising of 13,400 officers. During the tenure of Eddie, he focused more on community policing, training, and reforms. As a result, his tenure can be termed as a success. 

Controversies around Eddie Johnson

But, everything was not buttery smooth under Eddie. Eddie was found asleep in the city-owned SUV near a stop sign in October. In his rescue, Eddie revealed that he could not complete his blood pressure medication; as a result, he felt lightheaded. But later, it was revealed that he consumed alcohol before the incident, and it created lots of criticism for the police force. The inspector general’s office in the city is currently investigating the incident. Eddie did not comment on the ongoing investigation during the conference. 

The retirement will be active from the end of the year. Eddie served the police force for more than 30 years. During the first year in office, the city recorded the worst crime rate in the last two decades. Thousands of shooting cases and 765 homicides were reported in that year. Though the crime rate in the city is one of the highest in the country, the efforts of Eddie to make the city crime-free is praised by experts.