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Check Sperm Fertility By Using Smartphone Via YO Home Sperm Test Kit


This app is for all those men who feel hesitant in going through a fertility test in the presence of nurses and doctors, now they have one good news. The new smartphone based YO Sperm kit for the home use is now available. The kit includes everything that is needed for collecting the sample. The app has been claimed to have been accurate. There is no actual pleasant and sophisticated way to perform a male fertility test and being agreeable to this it is hard to take the test under the supervision and watch of doctors and nurses. It turns to be tough. The traditional process includes driving to the fertility clinic, collecting the sample in the sterile room and then by doing what needs to be done.

YO Home Sperm Test Kit


The scenario is very embarrassing and much common thing to all. The app is simply for all those people who don’t want to go to the clinic for fertility test and not be embarrassed by it.

Medical Electronic Systems is one of the global leaders in automated, rapid semen analysis and the supporting software management systems for laboratories and hospitals around the world. Company’s full line of CE and FDA cleared Sperm Quality Analyzers (SQA) are sold with an extensive network of global distributors.

YO Home Sperm Test is the new and unique way to check one’s sperm swimmers. One can perform the fertility test by using the innovative and new application that makes one’s smartphone into the testing device for evaluating and testing the motile sperm concentration. Specifications and features of this yo test are that privacy and confidentiality is maintained, accurately tests motile sperm and all the reports are received automatically.

Currently, the users can Pre-Order Kit, which is made available from January 31, 2017. This Kit includes 2 tests and is priced at $49.95.