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Check Out! BlackBerry Mercury Making Keyboards Specs Release Date


The BlackBerry Mercury, or the BlackBerry DTEK70, is the highly anticipated smartphone from BlackBerry. It is yet again a keyboard-sporting smartphone that will run Android from the box. Here’s what’s known about BB’s upcoming smartphone so far.

BlackBerry has quitted the manufacturing of smartphone in the last year as reported by the ‘trusted reviews’. Although the fact is saying that the licensing agreements tells that the BB brand can live and go on forever in the manufacturing, which is why a new phone carrying the blackberry status and name is expected to be launched soon. It’s a noticeable point that Blackberry itself is not indulged in the manufacturing of the phone rather a company called TCL is taking over now owns the license of the mobile brand. It’s pretty obvious that BlackBerry is still slightly involved in the production of the new smartphone and this blackberry mercury is supposed to be last phone that blackberry manufactured and designed in the house.

BlackBerry Mercury Making Keyboards

Still this point is still all of the above that TCL is actually the sole responsible for the manufacturing of the phone. As it has already been mentioned by TCL to release more Blackberry phones in the future and the first one is going to be the Blackberry mercury which has already been unveiled.

Check Out! BlackBerry Mercury Making Keyboards Specs Release Date
BlackBerry Mercury Keyboards

As like the other new technologies, the new smartphone was announced during the CES 2017 event. However, not much of the details have been shared and the announcement were more like to seen as a soft launch. If rumors are to be considered then the blackberry mercury is going to appear once again at the MWC 2017 event and hopefully with involved important details.

As the revealed Blackberry specs tells us that it’s will be having a 4.5 inch full HD display and it will be powered up by a Snapdragon 635 processor. There will be a USB C port and a conventional headphone jack. It would be having 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and 3400 mAh battery. As per camera specs, the rear camera clicks for 18 MP and 8 MP for front camera as to be expected.

The most interesting thing about the blackberry mercury is that as usual it will going to support the iconic QWERTY keyboard which it has always been known for. The phone will be running on latest android version which is Nougat, going to stand to all the expectations as needed.