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Check It Out! What Is IMAX Virtual Reality (VR) Technology


IMAX, an extraordinary experience of watching a movie, has joined ranks with the virtual reality to create an advanced technology for an extensive fun. Here advanced what you need to know and where you can have your hands on IMAX VR for yourself.

If you’ve ever visited an IMAX theater hall then you know that amazing the experience can be – an expanded screen is stretched out in front of you and the sound pounds your chest. It’s awesomely the best way to watch a movie. If you’ve ever had an experience of VR  then you know that how immersive the visuals can be and how it gives you the real environment surroundings experience.

What Is IMAX Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Now combine Imax with VR and get the pass the totally different zone. Theatres adapting VR have are having a totally different view of new futuristic seating to host head to head multiplayer, room scale tracking and devices with haptic feedback. Whether it’s the swing of a word, bursting of a bubble, or a shot from the rifle, you’re going to feel it.

What Is IMAX Virtual Reality (VR) Technology
What Is IMAX Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

You need to enter your VR area – called a pod, strap on headset and enter a totally different world. StarVR and HTC vive headsets, both devices are available and it’s your choice to choose your experience.

There aren’t just any old VR experiences in stock- these are some of the best and most loved titles released so far. It includes star wars Trials on Tatooine, Eagle Flight, The Walk and many more.

As for the time now, there is only one IMAX VR experience center available in the entire world and if you live in Los Angeles and you are in luck.

The IMAX on Fairfax is all settled up to avail more eight experiences. You need to check out their official website to see showtimes and to book tickets, to experience the new amazing world.