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California Bans Government Purchases of Most Gas-Powered Cars Under Newsom Climate Order


In a recent event, California has issued an order to ban the government’s purchase of Gas-Powered Cars following the Newsom Climate Order. The move comes in a game when most of the world is struggling with climate change. A lot many scientists have already given severe warnings about climate change.

The ban comes with no deadline while the government’s safety vehicles were exempted. The move comes in place when the world is struggling with fossil fuel prices, and the governments have been aiming to reduce dependency on fossil fuel-based cars.

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The Growth Prospects of Electric Cars

Furthermore, the movie is expected to increase the sales of electric vehicles, a step that is encouraged by the President. As per the new norms, the state agencies will buy cars only from the manufacturers who honour the state’s policies. The country also has ruled out specific standards that are yet to be followed rigorously. The news came on Friday and has attracted global attention. The automobile manufacturers seem to welcome the move and are already prepared for the same. 

However, despite being a positive move, the step is looked at with sceptic’s eyes. The Trump administration has been trying to revoke back the action. President Trump is already facing some serious challenges. Talks of trade deals, cases against his tax filing records, and a slew of other factors have kept the President busy. 

Trump Administration to Lay Severe Challenges

With the latest news, the United States may lose a significant ally and hence has been extended with the efforts he has been making sever reforms to stop the same. On the other hand, California has already challenged the same in the court of law. The state has also struck a deal with several automobile manufacturers who have agreed to comply with the norms despite Trump administration’s effort to roll back the same.