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Black Kids Go Missing at a Higher Rate Than White Kids. Here’s Why We Don’t Hear About Them


The tragic story of Jayme Closs was national news last year. Closs’s parents were killed, and she was kidnapped after the incident. The story was in the headlines in most newspapers. But sadly, the majority of the population does not get the same amount of attention by the media and administration.

Image Credit: CNN

Arianna Fitts, the two years old, went missing in 2016 after her mother murdered brutally. She did not get the desired attention like million others. A recent data states that the missing white children got massive attention, while black and brown often ignored. 

According to the statistics from the FBI’s National Crime Information Centre, around 4,24,066 children were missing in 2018. Out of these, 37% of children were black, whereas black children only constitute 14% of the child community in the country. As the Hispanic kids were included in the white category, the detailed data about the city is still unclear. But roughly, around 20% of the total missing children belong to the group. 

Experts believe that there are multiple reasons behind such a pattern. Here are some of the major causes behind the growing cases of missing black children.

Most Families Don’t Inform Police

Some of the people belong to the black community hesitant to call the Police, even if their child is missing. This shows the distrust between the law enforcing agency and the minority community. Actions such as not informing Police are encouraging the evil characters to target the child from a specific colour. 

Lack of Media Coverage

Media coverage is essential to solve any case. It has seen that media is least interested in missing black children. Losing black children contributes 35% of the total missing cases in the United States, while they only made up about 7 per cent of the full media coverage on the child missing cases. 

Apart from these two aspects, factors like lack of financial resources play a significant obstacle for the community.