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Bill Clinton Weighs in on How Impeachment Could Affect Trump White House


On Thursday, Bill Clinton, the former US president, rejected the assertion from the White House. He said the claim; White House can’t work with Democrats in Congress, is just an excuse. Clinton recently visited Washington to get an award for his contribution to gun control. The Brady Center presented the award. Clinton, during the event, urged to take necessary action for this.

Image Credit: Politico

Well, it appeared to have some visible momentum, but now it has since halted. On the other hand, Clinton also was asked to tell his experience of working with Congress while an impeachment inquiry was going on.

About the discussion with media men

An anchor from a private media house stated that a few days back, William Barr, Attorney General, informed that the Trump administration is ready to introduce a proposal on gun control. But the impeachment process on Clinton has obstructed them to materialize the plan.

However, Bill Clinton has refuted the statement. It may be noted that in December 1998, the White House proposed to impeach Bill Clinton and said that Clinton obstructed perjury and justice. However, a Democratic Senate marked him as clear.

He further added that once people decided on what they thought to needs to be done about impeachment, he kept working accordingly. The whole thing was just an excuse.

Clinton’s message for Donald Trump 

Speaking about it, Clinton stated that every day comes with an opportunity to do something good. He has staff people and lawyers who are currently handling the impeachment investigation. However, he will continue to work for the people of the United States.

It may be noted that Donald Trump has railed against the impeachment proceedings. Besides, Trump stands accused of using military help to Ukraine. However, Trump has denied all the information and urged Democrats to work with the Trump administration to carry out the USMCA trade deal.