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Biden’s South Carolina Firewall Remains Firm, Polls Suggest


As per the latest polls reports, it indicates that Joe Biden is currently in the right battle for election in Lowa and New Hampshire. These two will be the first two states who will vote in the presidential primary and caucus nominating calendar.

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In a new public opinion survey which was caused in South Carolina, it said that the first Southern state will now go to vote in the race for the White House. In the survey, it shows how the former vice president was holding a substantial lead over all his rivals for this current Democratic nomination. 

He was got deep ties to South Carolina, and it now stands at nearly 33 percent among the Democratic primary voters in the state of Palmetto. After him, the Massachusetts senator, Warren has got the second position with only 13 percent and Sanders with 11 percent. 

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As per Quinnipiac University analyst for polling Mary Snow, it said that there is a tight race in Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina is the front-runner in this Democratic primary. As performer Vice President Joe Biden, it has broad-based appeal, and with all these, it too leads to black and moderate or conservative voters.  

Tom Steyer is seen to be standing at 5 percent in the poll, and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang is strictly behind with 4 percent. Other candidates who all are there register at 1 percent or less than that of votes. 

The poll shows that Biden’s favorable with the candidates and with a 71 percent to 18 percent favorable-unfavorable rating. It was seen in the presidential campaign polls, and it shows that nearly 53 percent of net favorability rating with 17 points is higher than sanders and 22 points higher than Warren.