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Attention iPhone 11 Users! Apple Warns Against The Usage Of 3rd Party Display


Apple with its new week’s update and post stresses upon “the importance” of using genuine Apple displays to repair broken screens or cracked displays on the new iPhone models. The tech giant points out, the importance of screen or displays replacement, which needs to be done by Apple, an Apple Authorized Service center or an Independent Repair Provider that employs genuine Apple parts. 

Image Credit: Phone Arena

The company announces to its customer that the parts manufactured by the company are genuine and have been tested to meet the performance and quality standards. Apple also notes here that, the features found on its glass display include “intuitive and responsive Multi-Touch, great color accuracy, high brightness, white balance, and performance for features like True Tone, Haptic Touch, and Night Shift.” 

On the other hand, third-party displays are unlikely to meet the quality standards to provide enhanced capabilities and features. In addition, bargain hunters who try to save a few bucks or for convenience use a third-party shop, to those Apple answers that the replacements made by unauthorized service providers might lead to the use of screens that fit poorly. Other issues, such as the improperly replaced components such as screws and cowlings could cause the overheating of the phone, battery damages, and injuries to the user.

Back in early 2016, an ‘Error 53’ message terrorized some iPhone users as the units that had a faulty Touch ID button got repaired at a third-party shop and therefore caused major inconvenience. The message used to flash on the screen when the user updated his iPhone model to the latest version of iOS through iTunes. Apple apologized for the inconvenience caused. However, some even claimed that this was an act done on purpose to punish iPhone users who did not go to an authorized technician and contacted third-party parts.

If, you’re willing to spend and bye the new iPhone at such exuberant rates than why would you search for different means to save a small amount on a repair when it eventually will degrade the quality and experience?