Home Headlines At Minneapolis Rally: Trump Lashes Out At Democrats Over Impeachment Inquiry

At Minneapolis Rally: Trump Lashes Out At Democrats Over Impeachment Inquiry

At Minneapolis Rally Trump Lashes Out At Democrats Over Impeachment Inquiry
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Minneapolis- Without wasting any time on Thursday the US president Donald Trump started criticizing the “insane impeachment witch hunt” during his very first campaign rally after the launch of an impeachment inquiry against president trump by the house democrats.

Talking to a crowd of supporters gathered at Minneapolis Target Center Trump criticized the corrupt politicians and the fundamental left for becoming rich bleeding USA dry, he said that they knew that his elections will end all this looting and raiding of their beloved country.

Form the very first day of the Government the despicable opposition has been trying to annul the results of an election that was truly fair and transparent and fully democratic. The insolent president uttered the stabbing remarks about Joe Biden, the famous Republican Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelo.

According to the US president the people of opposition who does not want to admit the results of the Democratic elections, he said that they want to erase both their voice and their vote and consequently their future too. He said that the people of opposition will fail in erasing the future of Americans as the American people have again become the rulers.

The House Democrats have started their campaign of the impeachment inquiry to search whether Mr. Donald Trump misused his office powers to prolong his political goals by forcing Ukraine to scrutinize Biden. On a telephone conversation that took place between Trump and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on 25th July President Trump asked the Ukrainian President to have Biden scrutinized, still Trump says that there was nothing inappropriate in the phone call. On Thursday night Trump said that the impeachment inquiry was just a blatant attempt of the opposition to take over their government.

The president was talking to the rally one day after the Fox News released the result of a poll conducted about the impeachment of Trump on Wednesday in which more than 51% of the US voters are in favors of impeachment inquiry and removal of Trump from his office. The House began an impeachment inquiry about allegations that trump pressured Ukraine to inspect Joe Biden as well as his son Hunter.

Quite casually the President said that he has been under attack because he seemed to be ahead of others in elections though the recent polls tells otherwise. He said that the polls and the non-factual writers are the same thing. He said that these polls re not based on facts.

Minneapolis is known to be a state with politics that is a bit left-leaning. It is home to a famous Republican known as Illhan Omar, she is a Somalian born new lawmaker who has been under the criticism of the president trump time and time again. The president has been constantly lashing about Illhan Omer on Twitter. The fact that Omar won 78% of her district votes in the year 2018.  She has a lot of support in her hometown Minneapolis.

Trump questioned the crown about having such a negative person as a representative of Minnesota. He called Omer “an American-hating socialist”. He called her a disgrace for America he said that she was one of the main reasons for Republican Party winning in Minnesota.

Speaking with the crowd gathered for ‘Impeachment Now’ campaign Rep. Illhan Omer said that an immediate inquiry should be ordered for articles of impeachment against President Trump at the grounds of the capital on 26th September 2019 in Washington, DC.

On Thursday Illhan Omar using her twitter handle tweeted that she expects Donald Trump try to assault her but whatever he does won’t affect her contribution in Congress.


“Trump will see his rally in my district today as an opportunity to attack me. But no smear will ever stop me from working toward what I’m in Congress to do.”

The  US president Donald Trump also blamed the government for permitting a large number of Somali refugees to enter Minnesota and settle there, the crowd responded to this comment with loud boos.

He promised to give the communities more say in the policy making about the refugees, he was boasting about the reduction in number of refugees’ resettlement schemes. Minnesota is the home to a large number of Somalian immigrants, the state of Minnesota has the biggest number of per capita refugees nationwide with 13% refugees of the country as mentioned in the Census data.

The protestors gathered at the First Avenue in front of the place of protest all through the day ignoring the rain to protest against Trump’s anti-immigration pomposity called divisive rhetoric of the president by his critics.

At a point of time all the protesters starting saying loudly “lock him up” referring to a popular chant of 2016 when the supporters of president trump chanted this slogan when Trump criticized his political rival Hillary Clinton.

A small business owner of Minneapolis Emilie Robinson who is 32 years old said that the president stands against everything we stand up for, she said that her message for the president was that she does not stand for him. She further said that they have their own issue but they are always ready to support and protect all the immigrants who have settled in Minneapolis. She said that they have a number of progressive laws that protect women’s bodies.

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