Home Headlines As Poland Marks 80th Anniversary of WWII, Germany Asks For Forgiveness

As Poland Marks 80th Anniversary of WWII, Germany Asks For Forgiveness


As Poland Marks 80th Anniversary of WWII

As Poland Marks 80th Anniversary of WWII, Germany Asks For Forgiveness
As Poland Marks 80th Anniversary of WWII, Germany Asks For Forgiveness: Image Source

According to the reports of the best international news organization Reuters News Contributor – In Warsaw, the capital city of Poland the German President requested the people of Poland for forgiveness for Germany for the agony the polish people had to face during world war II.

On Sunday the 1st of September Poland was marking the 80th anniversary of the start date of WWII, as it is the date when Nazi Germany invaded Poland and the deadliest clash in human history began. A number of world leaders had gathered in Warsaw Poland to mark the starting date of the historical World War II.

The ceremonies for the anniversary started at 4:30 am in a small town of Poland called Wielun; it is the spot that was struck by the first bombing from Germany on 1st September 1939. The Polish President Andrzej Duda first spoke to the gathering, and then the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke to the gathering.

During World War II, a few areas of Poland were badly affected by the war and it had to bear the loss of one-fifth of its population that included the 3 million Jewish citizens too.

A resident of Warsaw named Krzysztof Wojciechowski aged 68 said that he was there to express his feelings for his country and his patriotism and to recall to himself the time of sorrow and anguish of the Polish people.

World War II left the capital city of Poland Warsaw in ruins and it had to get up again after living in Soviet control till 1989.

Attending another event in Warsaw, the German President expressing his regrets over the invasion of Poland, and the suffering that the polish people had to bear said, “I walk before you here barefoot. I look back in gratitude to the Polish people’s fight for freedom. I bow sorrowfully before the suffering of the victim.” He further said that he asks forgiveness for the historical guilt of his country and he confessed the responsibility of his country.

Us Vice President Mike Pence Was Representing USA

Mike Pence paid a tribute to the brave people of Poland. In his speech, he said that No one fought with more determination and valor and righteous fury than the polish people. He was addressing the gathering that was attended by world leaders including French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mike pence visited Poland on behalf of President Donald Trump who had to cancel the trip due to Hurricane Dorian; this change of plan was an utter disappointment for the ruling party of Poland, as it is considered to be one of the most loyal European allies of Washington.

Mike Pence said that Poland and the US will keep calling all the allies for the fulfillment of promises that they have made with each other. He announced that he has a plan of bilateral talks on Monday in Warsaw.

Both PIS government and the US President Donald trump have some common point of views about Migration, abortion, and energy. The Polish government has been facing isolation in the European community which is increasing with each passing day as it is accused of sabotaging the democratic rules. Some of the polish people still think that World War II memorials are not a thing of the past and are still live issues that need to be resolved. The people announced this just weeks before the voting was due.

For the ruling party of Poland, the World War II memorials are a very important part of the historical politics of Poland, with a goal to respond to the missing appreciation of the Polish suffering and heroic bravery during Nazi occupation, on part of the western world.

The politicians who belong to the ruling party of Poland have been demanding compensation for their suffering during the Nazi occupation, from Germany who is one of the biggest partners in trade for Poland. Germany is not only the biggest trade partner of Poland it is also an active member of NATO and the European Union. After the speech from the German President Steinmeier, a number of Polish people shouted “reparations”.

According to the claims of Berlin, all the financial claims related to the World War II compensations have already been settled but eth President continues what he thinks is the responsibility of the German Government. According to the theory of the German President as Germany was provided with a chance to grow and prosper even after being aware of its history and become a strong country it is the responsibility to do more for Europe.

Putting stress on the distrust that the Warsaw conservatives have on all the European allies, the president of Poland said that it was possible to avoid eth World War II only if the European Allies had stood strongly against the “manic visions” of the Nazi leader of Germany known as Adolf Hitler.

Though the theme of 1st September 2019 was to mark the anniversary of the starting date of the World War II the present-day politics remained in the topic of discussion for all the leaders. The German president said that they were aware of Europe’s need to grow stronger and confident in itself but it should not be done without America, nor should it be against America as Europe needs strong partners and so does America. He said that they should all work together to take care of this precious partnership.

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