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Arizona Man Who Sold Ammo To Las Vegas Gunman Pleads Guilty


On Tuesday, finally, the verdict for the Las Vegas massacre in 2017 was announced. In that, an Arizona man who was said to behave sold a large amount of ammunition to the gunman was pleaded guilty. 

The mass shooting which was taken place in Las Vegas in 2017 said that Douglas Haig, who is 57 years old Arizona man has sold the ammunition. He, too, admitted about this in court and said that all these happen without a license.

Image Credit: NY Post

All these have been started when police found an armor-piercing bulletin in which Haig’s fingerprint was present. After that, he came under the investigation, and all these started to follow up gradually. 

How did the investigation start?

It was seen that when the authorities found an unfired .308 caliber round in gunman Stephan Paddock’s hotel room, they have gone for the forensic reports. After that, they discovered that Haig had got his fingerprint on it, and along with it, the tool marks too shows it is his workshop bullets. 

The bullets that are present inside the cartridges are armor-piercing along with an incendiary capsule in the nose. 

The massacre has happened in Las Vegas on 1st October 2017, from his hotel room located at the Mandalay Bay hotel. All these happen when all the people are there to attend the 9 Harvest music festival. 

In this shooting, nearly 58 people are killed, and 422 others are seriously injured as well. When police charge his room, he died of his gunshot in a bid to save himself from caught. As per Haig’s, he said that he did not know what was going inside Paddock’s mind. 

As per investigators, Haig was running an illegal ammunition business called Specialized Military Ammunition from July 2016 to October 2017. He used to build the ammunition and sold the same to many states in Arizona and Nevada too.