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Arctic Blast Brings Snow, Ice and Bone-Chilling Temps Across U.S.


Arctic blast arrived in the United States this week. The explosion is anticipated to bring ice, snow, and chilling temperatures across the country. An initial estimate suggests more than ten million people will be affected by this Arctic blast. 

The effect of the blast has already seen in the North American country. On Monday, around four people died in the Midwest, owing to the ongoing Arctic blast. Arctic bombings, along with poor road infrastructure, are responsible for the death of four people, the authority revealed.

Image Credit: CNBC

 The National Weather Service of the United States has already stated regarding temperature fall on Wednesday. In the statement, the Weather Service revealed that the next few weeks would be felt like extreme winter in the two-third portion of the country. 

The Death of Four People in Different Locations

According to a media report, a girl killed in Kansas due to the lost control of a pickup on Monday morning. The truck hits the SUV after losing its power, killing an eight years old girl. Besides, three people suffered critical injuries. 

Two other similar cases were found in Michigan, authorities revealed. On Monday, three people died in two different car crashes in Michigan. The victims include 57 years of man, and two women, ages 81a and 64. Authorities blamed poor road infrastructure as the cause of the accident. 

According to the data received by Flight Aware, around 2,000 incoming and outgoing aircraft at O’Hare International Airport delayed or cancelled, owing to the presence of snow and ice in the runways. The average delay time for inbound flights is around six hours, while the number increased to more than 16 hours for outgoing flights at the airport, the site revealed. 

An incoming flight at O’Hare International Airport slid off in the runways. Fortunately, no passenger or crews were hurt in the incident. The temperature in New York city is anticipated to reach a single-digit number on Wednesday.